Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting Practical

When I was straightening up my stamp desk, I came across a sheet of address labels and thought to myself, "I should stamp something practical." Looking at the calendar and realizing how quickly the weeks will pass up until Christmas, I am thinking that most of what I do these days should be practical. I have seen some beautiful tags that others have made. However, I cannot think of more than a couple of people on my gift list who would appreciate the effort. The labels to the right are practical and were easy to make. Three of the little Snow Friends snowmen from "the lineup" were the perfect size for the label. Stamping and coloring in an assembly line fashion made the project quick, too. What I like about my labels verses purchased ones is the room I will have to write. "Grandma and Grandpa," and sometimes even "Marv and Kathi," is hard to squeeze into the space available on many purchased tags.

While I know many have been thinking about Christmas for weeks already, I'm feeling like I have a lot of time this year. Last year, life circumstances were such that I had about 10 days to pull it all together - decorating, shopping, cooking, everything I was able to get done, which wasn't all that I would have liked to have done. It all turned out OK, but nevertheless, I'm looking forward to something a little calmer and a lot more organized this year.

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