Friday, November 30, 2007

I Wanna Stamp . . .

OMG! I'm getting ready for my sale tomorrow. I am shocked by how much stuff I have - rather disgusted, in fact. I'd kind of forgotten about the fact that I still have enough wood-mounted stamps to heat a house for a Minnesota winter. They were tucked away in storage - out of sight, out of mind. Close To My Heart did not switch to acrylic stamps gradually. Poof! It was wood-mounted stamps one day, and acrylic the next. Speaking of acrylic, I thought I had between 150 and 200 sets of retired stamps. Make that 350 sets or more. I found another box of acrylics tucked away, too. Considering CTMH has only been in the acrylic market for four or maybe five years, that's a lot of retired product. And, believe it or not, I don't have them all. Starting here and now, I going to buy what I love and that's it. When I think I love it, I'm going to ask myself if I will still love it in a week or a year. This is crazy. I'm almost embarrassed to have so much stuff! No, I'd best get back at it. Most of the wood-mounted stuff needs to be repriced - to sell! I just want it out of here. I'd rather be stamping. With all that's on the tables waiting to be sold, I still have plenty, including a couple of cute ones the mailman brought today. Anyone know of a 12-step program for stampers?

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Hilmarose said...

"Anyone know of a 12-step program for stampers?"
NOPE! But sounds like there needs to be :).
I just started making cards so I don't have a one yet (Tight budget right now) but when I start collecting them I may be right there with you needing that 12 step program!