Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Morning

I'm still straightening up my desk with hopes of freeing up some creative space. In doing so, I came across the other piece of cardstock I embossed the other night with an inked up Cuttlebug folder. As I noted in my previous post, the texture is a little different on this one due to the way the ink is applied to the folder. The color I used for this one is Amethyst, and the card is as simple as they get.

Today, I'm going to be dividing my time between Kathi's Corner and the rest of my humble abode. Something smells in the kitchen, and I've finally figured out that there must be a potato or two in the pantry that's gone bad. I thought it was the wastebasket until I realized that the only thing in the garbage bag is packing peanuts from my Specialty Bottle Supply order.

In addition to cleaning, I'm also getting ready for a sale, which I plan to hold in the very near future. Between wood-mounted and acrylic stamps, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say I have hundreds of stamp sets to sell. As for retired paper, I have a boxful that I cannot lift. It's all got to go. I'm just trying to decide on a date. Next Saturday, there are craft sales in town, which means there will be a lot of people around. The following weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, and I know that many people leave town to shop. I'm just not sure that these brave bargain hunters are crafters. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to shop on Thanksgiving weekend. Whatever I decide, I need to get some posters made and figure out some advertising for the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

all of your work is beautiful!
I too am a CTMH consultant and that is how I found your blog-keep on posting and I'll keep peeking!
Thanks again-

Debbie Yates said...

There are thousands of blog stalkers out there - I encounter the same frustrations you do - talk to me I say...your creatios are wonderful - and your style is refreshing - I love it ! Kepp up the great work - God bless-