Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm stamplifting ideas again from other blogs. The card that inspired me to make this one was another pink, burgundy, and white snowflake design. The sketch was similar, and it was one of the designs I've spotted recently that convinced me I needed the snowflake embossing folder for my Cuttlebug. I ordered it yesterday. The colors I used for my card were White Daisy, Baby Pink, and Vineyard Berry.

Assembling this card conjured up some memories. There probably aren't too many women out there who can say they were a December bride . . . twice. The color scheme for my first wedding was pink and burgundy. The wedding had been planned for October 18, 1971. However, when we went to get our marriage license a week and a half before the wedding, we learned that the groom had to be 18, even with his parents' permission. My groom was two months shy of his 18th birthday. I was two months past mine. At that time, Missouri was the closest state where we could be legally married. Once we realized that wasn't practical, we had to do some scrambling and have new invitations printed that explained the situation and the change of date to December 16. There was a lot of other rescheduling to be done, too. I remember is as being a big hassle, and I recall not being very happy about the whole thing. Much remained the same with the exception that the Christmas decorations at the church that year were all pink and burgundy. Although it was all very pretty, those weren't colors that the church (or anyone else for that matter) wanted to use year after year. Thus, if she hasn't sold them on a rummage sale or given them to charity, I would guess that there are still boxes and boxes of pink and burgundy holiday decorations in my mother's attic.

My "keeper" wedding took place on December 23, 1977. My matron of honor wore a forest green gown and carried a Christmasy bouquet that included a hurricane lamp. My bouquet (minus the candle), as well as the wreath of flowers I wore on my head, matched hers. Candles filled the church, and with the lights on the Christmas trees, were the only lights in the sanctuary on that very cold, almost Christmas night. It was beautiful, and I'll have to say that the Christmas theme the second time around was much more enjoyable, traditional, and intentional.

The moral of my longer-than-intended story is that colors can spark memories. Every once in a while, I'll put a card or scrapbook page together that reminds me of an article of clothing or household item past or present. Sometimes, the recollections are pleasant. Others leave me kind of melancholy. Sometimes, I laugh out loud. This card made me chuckle.

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