Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Worth Mentioning . . .

In my functional state, I emailed the folks at Specialty Bottle to inquire if they are expecting a large shipment of clear-top tins at the end of the month and whether they are still accepting backorders. I received a prompt and very kind reply stating that due to the number of requests they have had, they added to their order and anticipate a very large shipment. They are accepting backorders, too. I consider this good news, and after I figure out what I need, I am going to order some more. Their prices are very reasonable, too, at only 80-cents a piece, and I've experienced excellent customer service in my dealings with them.

Yes, much to my dismay, I am still at home, and it's making me crazy, because for as much as I have to do here, I have more "gotta do" stuff to do at work. If I were down-and-out, in-my-bed sick, I wouldn't be so bugged.

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scrappernic said...

Thanks Kathi! I just ordered 15 and it didn't say anything about backorder, so I'll keep my fingers crossed :) These are so cute for gifts--thank you for inspiring me!