Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Nugget Tin

I'm home from work with what I'll call a "jumpy stomach." I feel good enough to work per se and obviously, stamp, but my desk is so far from the restroom, I don't dare risk being there at this point. I'm hoping things settle down so I can go in later.

Now that I've made you aware of my physical condition, I'll talk about the Nugget tin. I made this one with the Let It Snow, Vintage Christmas, and No Peeking stamp sets. The colors are Twilight and Desert Sand. For the Nugget wraps, I stamped my images on copy paper and distressed the edges with Bamboo ink. This tin was inspired by CTMH Consultant Lisa Stenz. "Inspired" isn't the right word, because I actually copied her great design, using a different snowflake set. There are some awesome CTMH stampers out there from whom to draw inspiration.

Now for a little tip. When I came to use my scissors earlier to cut my ribbon, they wouldn't work, because they were too gunked up with adhesive. My scissors and paper cutters all take a hit when it comes to adhesive. The solution? Goo Gone is a great product for cleaning them up. Containing petroleum distillates, it doesn't smell great and is flammable. I'd also pre-test it, as the bottle recommends, before using it on a pourous surface. For cleaning up my tools, it works great. Later!

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