Monday, December 3, 2007

Coffee, Anyone?

Several of my club members and I got together last night and covered Starbucks Frappuccino cartons. I didn't exactly teach anyone anything, as having only done it once before myself, it was kind of a figure-it-out-as-you-go thing with me leading the pack. I remembered that you have to pull the box apart to cover the handle and that you put it back together again before doing the rest of it. They turned out pretty darned cute, and as I hadn't gotten around to emptying my bottles yet, I think I'll give it to a coffee drinker as it. The Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha flavor is really good (I downed a four-pack at work last week) and available only during the Christmas season. I filled the bottles of the one I did last fall with assorted chocolate candy. Back to our little gathering last night, we had a blast. One of my friends was really in her element and was funnier than all get out. Laughing always makes for a good time.

After the workshop, I tried my hand at "inchies" and made this card. The smallest square punch I have is 1-1/4 inches, so I struggled with the paper cutter and didn't even think until a minute ago that I could have had perfect little squares had I thought to use my Cricut. I don't know that I'll be going crazy over inchies, but it was kind of fun. When it comes to stamping, I'll try anything once. What made me totally crazy last night was the fact that I had no Internet service. My husband was equally nuts because Cable TV (the same company that provides Internet service) was out, too. We had television service again by midnight, but there wasn't any Internet until morning. Without television or Internet, one feels cut off from the outside world, which is kind of spooky. The end of the story is that I was going to post this last night and couldn't. That said, I'm going to wonder over to Kathi's Corner and see what happens. I'm going over there with intentions of finishing a cleanup project, but I know myself well enough to say that I may get sidetracked. If so, I'll be back . . .

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