Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming to a CTMH Consultant Near You

I don't know if it's because I've been around for so long or because there's so much "stuff" out there or what, but it isn't very often anymore that I see something and say, "Wow!" However, I will have to say that Close To My Heart has completely outdone itself with its Heart of Winter Special. I wish I could show it to all to you, but for tonight, you will have to settle a for a card example and my description.

The Serendipity set includes 12 sheets of B&T duos (two each of six designs), six sheet of textured cardstock (two each of Bamboo, Chocolate, and Dutch Blue), and three 12x12-inch sheets of textured floral and accent-shaped die cuts in Dutch Blue, Chocolate, and Bamboo, and a coordinating D-size stamp set. Outdoor denim is the fourth color used in the B&T papers. The stamp set I'll describe as a "build-a-flower" set that one will be able to use long after the paper is gone. I used several of the stamps on my card example. The special will be running from December 18 through January 31 while supplies last. The set can be purchased outright for $34.95 or for a discounted price of $10 with a qualifying $60 purchase.

The paper hoarder that I am, I hesitated from cutting into this set tonight and probably wouldn't have had I not been so anxious to share it. I'm sure, however, that I'll be making a $60 purchase or so to get my hands on more. I love everything about it and particularly for the fact that it's not too feminine. It will make for awesome cards and scrapbook layouts. I'm not one who usually worries about matching clothing with paper. However, I have a vision and just might just dress my little boys in denim (maybe the big ones, too, if they'll cooperate) for a photo shoot and special layout using this set. It's fun to get excited about something new and even more fun to be able to share it. I feel that way about CTMH's new spring catalog, too, as it evoked more than one "Wow" from me as I turned its pages.

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