Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Life Is So Blessed

A few posts ago, Pammie asked me if I sleep. The answer, my friend is, "Not enough!" That's after last night anyway, when I was so rudely bit by the insomnia bug. Three hours of sleep doesn't cut it, and I suffered today. Before I crash, however, I wanted to post a quick card. I'm obviously not showing off a great design here but rather another example of this awesome paper and stamp set from Serendipity. The sentiment is from one of my favorite CTMH word sets, Because of You. The words reflect how I feel this evening. My life is so blessed because you are in it. This card is for my husband (the computer illiterate that he is - another story but one I'd best not tell), my sons, Bjorn and Mathias, my friend Connie and new friend Kathy, co-workers Lesley, Jen, and Kelly - for everyone who shared a piece of my day. It was a good one. With a decent night's sleep, tomorrow may be even better. I hope yours is, too. Good night and thanks for stopping by.

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scrappernic said...

WOWIE! You're killing me with these beautiful Serendipity cards! I'm trying so hard to wait until the 18th to place my spring order so I can get it for $10. So far the rational side is winning, but oh I want those papers now--LOL!!