Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Mojo Is Missing

I love Close To My Heart's Stamp of the Month program. However, every few months I end up with a stamp set that is difficult for me to promote, because it's not my style. January's In My Heart is one of those sets. I thought and thought, stamped and stamped, and threw one piece of cardstock after another into the wastebasket. I tried different color combinations. I heat embossed. I tried dry embossing. I got out the glitter and ended up with nothing more than a mess.

It wasn't just this stamp set today either. I saw a cute snowflake card on someone else's blog and couldn't even manage to stamplift it. After several attempts, I gave up on that card, too. There's no magic in Kathi's Corner today. My mojo is missing. The three cards I'm posting are pretty darned blah even though I like the red/white color combo.

For more (better) ideas, check out CTMH's website. The brown/pink color combination is awesome, as are the cards in the additional artwork. I especially like the Love card. Desert Sand, Cranberry, Outdoor Denim and Sweet Leaf are not colors I would have thought to use together with this stamp set. The results, however, are stunning. Perhaps a good night's sleep will be the cure for my creatively crunch. I hope so. Like I said, I think the SOTM program is great. I realize, too, that while nearly all of the stamp sets have broad appeal, not every set is going to appeal to every stamper. You never know, too, I may just wake up tomorrow morning, park my backside in Kathi's Corner, and be inspired to create something awesome with In My Heart. We'll see . . .

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