Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'Tis Christmas

I'm almost afraid to post today for fear that people will think I have no life outside this blog. Quite the opposite is true. My cup runneth over with regard to people in my life and things to do. However, I will have to say that our Christmas was different than I envisioned it would be.

Marv and I spent yesterday and last night preparing for today. I had a few projects I'd left until the last minute, and we had gifts to wrap, etc. I thought we'd go about our business with soft Christmas music playing in the background. Instead, the football game was on. "Football on Christmas Eve?," I asked. "It's Monday night," Marv said. Foolishly, I thought that the football season might be interrupted by Christmas. I guess not. Regardless, our evening was pleasant.

At some time during the night, Santa Claus stopped with a big Radio Flyer wagon full of gifts for Bjorn and Mathias. He filled their stockings, too, all without waking us. Amazing!

When my alarm went off at 7 a.m. I attempted to get out of bed only to discover that I had a headache the size of Texas. Nevertheless, I got up, made a pot of coffee and took a couple of aspirin. I was only half done with my first cup of coffee when I made a bee-line for the bathroom to throw up. My head still pounding, there was nothing for me to do but go back to bed, leaving Grandpa to take care of whatever needed to be done.

I got up around 10:30. While I wasn't feeling great, I felt good enough to sit on the sofa with my camera. Cameron and the boys arrived a few minutes later. It was so much fun to watch the little boys open the gifts that Santa brought. They were so excited. Around noon, Dusty and Miranda arrived. Grandpa - bless his heart - had our holiday meal in the oven and the table all set by the time I crawled out of bed, so we ate right on schedule and then opened the mountain of gifts that surrounded the tree.

As the day progressed, I felt better and better but never did make it out of my pajamas. Our time together ended a little earlier than I thought it would, too, as Dustin decided he needed to go hunting this afternoon (he truly is his father's child!). Because his vehicle was required to haul the wagon and other gifts that Cameron's car wouldn't hold, Cameron and the boys left at the same time. That was OK. By then, the boys needed naps and time at home with just daddy. So, it's just Grandpa and I again in our quiet little abode.

Christmas isn't quite over yet, however, as we're traveling to celebrate with my family on Saturday. Working only three days this week will be strange but fine with me. I do have to work on New Year's Eve day, too, but, of course, will have the 1st off. I do believe that by January 2, I will be ready to go back to a regular schedule.

These gift card holders for Cameron, Dusty, and Miranda were made last night. I saw something like them on another blog earlier in the season and thought they were cute. I don't suppose my Elzybell stamps are all that masculine, but I love 'em and didn't care. The card is a regular 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 card. The 3 by 4-inch mini card on the front holds the gift card. The slot for the card was cut with the Stampin' Up Word Window punch. To make the slot wide enough to hold the gift card took three punches. Lining it up was a bit of a challenge until I drew a pencil line to use as a guide and slowed the process down. There are some things you can do fast. Other times, it's wise to take one's time. I used my favorite Grinch quote from the Peace on Earth stamp set for the mini card. The other sentiment about the spirit of Christmas warming your heart all year long (from the Festive Thoughts set) was perfect for the inside of the "big" card. All three of the kids appreciated mom's handmade card. They loved their trays, too. My boys have lived with a crafting mom all of their lives and have a true appreciation for the things I make. Sweet Miranda, whose mom died when she was just nine years old, appears particularly touched and has appreciated everything I've ever made for her.

Such a long honkin' post wasn't my intention, but when I get going sometimes, I just can't shut up. As one who writes for a living, I'll have to say that I wish my words always flowed so freely. I guess, it's easier when one writes about his or her passions - family, friends, hobbies, etc. To sum it all up - Albeit a little different from the way I thought it would be, the Carlson Christmas was wonderful. I hope yours was too!

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