Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I've noticed that there are a lot of new bird stamps coming out from various company, so I found myself inkspired tonight to try a card featuring a bird. The CTMH set I used to make my card is Happy Spring, a set I purchased last year but didn't get around to using much. The color combination is Twilight, Sweet Leaf, Buttercup, and Colonial White. I chose these colors as the result of a Splitcoast Stampers challenge I spotted on Beate's Fresh & Fun blog. Isn't her card gorgeous? The colors listed for the challenge are Stampin' Up colors - Wild Wasabi, Bayou Blue, and Barely Banana. While I could guess the CTMH match for Barely Banana, I didn't have a clue about the other two. Then I remembered a list that I'd seen on the Mommy Scraps blog. If you check out the list, click on this girl's header while you're there and take a peek at some of the cute cards she's made recently with Close To My Heart's Flower Child set. If you keep scrolling down you're going to see some darling Bella cards she's made recently, too.

Back to my card, I wish I would have had different ribbon to use (maybe I do and didn't take the time to look for it). I also wonder if I shouldn't have brought one more neutral color like Chocolate into the mix. I'll try it next time. I love any green/blue color combination and never would have thought on my own to combine it with Buttercup. Buttercup is one of those colors I love but don't use very often.

When I got up this morning, I was going to delete my post from last night until, that is, I saw that sweet Jeanne had left a comment. Speaking of Jeanne, check out her Creative Bliss blog and look at what she's doing with digital scrapbooking. It's amazing. I'm ready to trade in a Cricut, more cartridges than I want to admit to owning, along a truckload of paper and other supplies for a new printer and some software. Heck, I probably already have the software . . . As much as I like making scrapbook pages the old-fashioned way, the process is really slow going for me and the question, "Will I ever catch up?" plagues me. Actually, I think I'd enjoy doing both and just might give it a try when I think poor Marv can handle just one more major hobby expense.

Returning to the subject of last night's post, it seems some like my jabber, which, I will have to admit, warms my heart. Actually, I started another blog prior to starting this one, but so far, For What It's Worth, hasn't worked out. I posted there few times, but it seemed like every post was negative. I ended up writing about things that bug me and situations in my life that kind of rip my heart in two and found that writing about them didn't resolve anything or make me feel any better. I deleted those posts, and the other blog is just sitting empty for the time being. Sharing a hobby is a great basis for a blog. Pastimes are positive, and sharing what I do and a little bit of who I am on Kathi's Corner helps keep me upbeat.

It's going to be an early night. Bjorn and Mathias are with us tonight and were asleep by 7:30. Grandma fell asleep for a few minutes, too, while laying with Mathias. Our conversation prior to drifting off was so cute. He's currently potty training and was explaining the situation to me. "Sometimes I wear undies," he said. "Sometimes I wear diapers. Sometimes I just pee on the floor." With the last sentence, he shrugged his shoulders and held up his hands like he couldn't quite understand it himself. I almost choked on the giggle I managed to contain and instead, just rubbed his little head and said, "You'll figure it out one of these days, Tias." And, he will.

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