Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Inkspiration

I know. I know. I said in my last post that it was going to be an early night. Sometimes, I just can't stop. When I checked out Beate's blog earlier, I noticed she has a new faux silk tutorial on the Splitcoast Stampers site. While I don't remember it being called "faux silk," this technique was not new to me but rather, one I hadn't done in a long time. With this card, I got my Twilight/Chocolate fix. I also used Colonial White. The technique is easy. You stamp on tissue paper, crumple it up, smooth it out, and then attach it to a piece of neutral cardstock that has adhesive on it. I used my Xyron to apply the adhesive, although I think a glue stick would have worked just fine. I was hoping my card would have more Oriental flavor than it does. I think the birds lend themselves to that look. Perhaps a red/black color combo would have been the ticket. Of course, Beate's card is gorgeous, and I can't help but wonder if she always gets it right the first time . . . I have one more piece of stamped tissue featuring an outline image I colored with markers like she did. I'll see what I can do with it tomorrow evening. I am going to bed now. "Early to bed, early to rise" is a given with the little people, and because they're so incredibly sweet in the mornings, I don't want to miss a second with them before their daddy comes to take them to daycare. Look for more faux silk tomorrow.

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Jeanne said...

Love your Inkspiration!

By the've been tagged! Go to my blog post titled Tagged #2 for the details on what to do.

Have fun! :o)