Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

Here's another little peek into Kathi's Corner, and unless I discover the powers of Samantha from Bewitched (anyone remember?), it's the last look you're going to have for a while. With the exception that they are not always put away, my stamps are always organized and to my immediate left as I sit at my desk. The one and only My Acrylix Organizer I bought holds Christmas stamp sets. I didn't like my stamps in a box with a lid on it. I want them to be easily accessible in an open container. The plastic CD boxes I found at WalMart were the perfect answer. At 96 cents a piece, the price was right, too. As you can see, my stamps are organized according to color family. They're also alphabetized, which would be great if I could always remember the name of the particular stamp set I'm looking for. I also use a WalMart container to hold Sassy Strands, Window Charms, and other accessories.

My E-size Alphabets are stored in a binder on the bottom shelf along with the My Accents and Eyelet organizers that I labeled this evening after sorting through and rearranging the contents a bit. The organizer that isn't labeled is my block organizer, another purchase I could have done without. Like my stamps, I want my blocks within easy reach. Besides, I have two or more of the commonly used blocks. I'm so glad I finally got the accessory organizers labeled, because having to open one, two or more of them before finding what I wanted was a pain in the keester.

While it would have been fun to have stamped or scrapbooked today (now yesterday), I feel pretty good about having accomplished something. Now, I need to hunt for the perfect shelving system to go over my desk. The shelves I have now are stationary, and I want shelves that can be adjusted and moved around as my needs change (as I accumulate more stuff, that is!). OK. Enough jabber for now. It's bedtime. Again, have a good week!


scrappernic said...

Wowie! I love how organized you are! Way to go! Just walking in and seeing all the paper and stamps organized like that would make me feel "serene"! Way to go :)

Maricar said...

I'm eager to see the complete picture of your corner. I'm intrigued that your space is not even 6'x6' ....