Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reason to Celebrate!

Check out the Patiently Waiting for Daphne blog. A little more than two months ago, I posted a card and a prayer request for this family. The adoption process was slow going and riddled with problems. I feared greatly for my friend. Her last post, reporting that their trip was safe and that Daphne is in their arms forever, was the one for which I've been waiting. As soon as I'm done crying my fool head off, I've got an important "thank you" to take care of. Prayers are answered, and dreams do come true. Life is good.

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Jan Scholl said...

I have a friend who has adopted 2 from Guatamala and the second took much longer amid a lot of chaos. Both Tobias and Rosa are well (Rosa just turned one in September) and mom and dad are content but now are thinking maybe another someday. Neither were able to have natural children. But you couldnt ask for better parents anywhere. Lucky babies, lucky parents. Perfect!