Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's Next?

I was thinking Valentine's Day was next until, that is, I checked out holidayinsights.com. By the looks of things, there's something to "observe" every day of January, and while I haven't checked it out, February, too, I'm sure. Darn, I'm going to miss Festival of Sleep Day on the 3rd, because I have to work. The 3rd is also Humiliation Day. If that one's observed, it won't be intentional. I might have enjoyed Male Watcher's Day on the 8th when I was younger, and with regard to Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day on the 11th, I will celebrate that one, provided I can find a puddle. It's not likely, however, in the tundra of northern Minnesota in January. The 21st is National Hugging Day as well as Squirrel Appreciation Day. The 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day (just the can?), and the 25th is Opposite Day. Opposite what? I will observe National Cornchip Day on the 29th. My co-workers give me a hard time regularly about the bag of Fritos I eat almost morning before 9 a.m. I tell them it's just like eating cereal without the milk and with salt instead of sugar. It is, isn't it? Some of these holidays are "national" although if you click on National Kazoo Day you will note that a national holiday requires an act of Congress, and there is no evidence to prove that this is an actual national holiday. I certainly hope not. There's got to be more important things for our legislators to worry about than declaring weird holidays. For the first time in a long time, I wish I had a newspaper column right now. I think I could have had some fun with this subject. Actually, I already did, but all you really came here for was to see a card, wasn't it?

As close as I can tell, Valentine's Day is the next cardmaking holiday, and I made this one for my honey, the guy that was snoring instead of giving me a little New Year's smooth at midnight. "You should have woke me up," he told me this afternoon. Yea, right! Like I wanted to start the New Year out listening to the grumblings of a grouchy bear.

Getting back to the card, the colors are Baby Pink, Blush, White Daisy, and New England Ivy. The rose is from the Cherish stamp set and the sentiment from Vintage Valentine's Day. There's nothing different in the way of design with the exception of taking my X-acto knife to the rose image and creating a little extra room for my sentiment so that I didn't have to cover up part of the rose. It adds a little dimension to the design, too. I added a couple of silver brads to the sentiment to finish it off and mounted it with regular adhesive on the left side and a thin piece of foam mounting tape on the left side.

Like I haven't said enough already, this is it for now. When I moved all my Bigger Brads and miscellaneous mini brads into one accessory case, I realized that I don't know how to operate my new label maker. Drats! That means I will actually have to look at the instruction manual, which means I'll have to locate my bifocals. The bear (all mellowed out this afternoon) wants to take me out for supper, too. Evidently, he doesn't want to cook. Later . . . maybe.


stampinmom3 said...

Kathi-This card is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kathi, you can celebrate my birthday in Jan! LOL

Regina in VA

stampincuzILuv2 said...

what a gorgeous card!! I also forgot to tell you that on my last post:) I just got a cutterbug what beautiful inspiration this card is.