Sunday, February 10, 2008


Three hundred and fifty posts in less than six months may be a little excessive. We'll see what happens when spring comes. I tend to venture away from my nest a bit more often. Maybe I'll slow it down. For the time being, with so many thoughts and words that fly out of my head onto my cyber paper so easily, it's not a big deal for me right now.

I didn't stop back to discuss my blogging habits, however. I just happened to notice the number. What I'm here for is to tell you is that if you're interested in what's new or going to be new in the crafting industry to stop by the Splitcoast Stampers CHA blog. CHA is an acronym for Craft & Hobby Association, and currently it is having its Annual Convention and Trade Show in Anaheim. Following my bath and on my way to bed, I scanned through a bit of the blog and saw some interesting, fun, and even intriguing "stuff." I wish sleep wasn't necessary. More than that, I wish I was in Anaheim. It's warm there . . .


Maricar said...

Someone on another site posted some "sneak peeks" at some product released at CHA. All I can say is -- ENABLERS!

Jeanne said...

Kathi, I LOVE that you have posted so frequently! If you slack off in the spring I'm gonna be so sad.

And I have to say you are a great enabler. That new tool looks so intriguing.

Now, where's that newspaper again? LOL