Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Did It!!

Years ago, before I found my crafting niche, I bought a basket kit. I don't think I ever finished it. I remembered it as I was weaving this basket from textured cardstock. I'd forgotten that I'd already determined that basket-making is not my thing. However, maybe I was wrong all those years ago. Perhaps I was young and impatient and gave up too easily.

This basket is the result of a wonderful pictorial on Laura Canale's Wish You Were Here blog. Seriously, I don't even know what made me attempt it other than the fact that I thought it was so darned cute. It was a challenge, and it was fun, but I say that only because it turned out!! When I was putting it together and taking it apart over and over again, I wasn't exactly having a good time. Finally, after telling myself to relax, things started coming together more easily. It's the first stages, weaving those 1/8-inch strips around the bottom of the basket that were the most difficult. Nevertheless, I didn't really know if it was going to turn out until I got the stabilizing band on around the top. Then I looked at it and said, "Wow!"

While I filled it with Nuggets for a photo, I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with it. For the time being, I'm going to set it on the bookcase next to my computer as a reminder that I can do what I sometimes believe to be the impossible . . . so long as I keep trying and don't give up too soon. On a lighter note, if you make this basket for someone, I advise you to make it for someone who crafts themselves and will appreciate your effort. It's also a little too much work for a handful of Hershey Nuggets. Jewelry or real gold nuggets would be more appropriate. That said, I'm going to lay down for a little while before going back to my corner to finish off the weekend. It's going by fast . . . darn it! Later!

Materials & Tools: Blush Textured Cardstock, Glue Dots - mini and regular, Terrifically Tacky Tape, Square brushed nickel brads, Ribbon from Michael's.


Pammie said...

OH GOOD GRIEF would you STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!! this is AWESOME, STUPENDOUS, SUPER COOL DUDETTE! I thought when I looked at the pic it was a cool pink 'wicker' basket and wondered why you would post it until I read the post and realized YOU MADE THIS you SUPER TALENTED WOMAN! AH MAN now I have to too..... just when I thought that laundry was actually going to get folded. LOL

Pammie said...

how big is this basket? I think I am going to do this for a workshop and make a little card to match....hmmmmm the wheels are spinning baby!

Laura said...

Kathi, I am blown away!!!! You rock girl! I wasn't sure if anyone was going to be able to follow my directions, you sure did! Sorry about the frustration...I didn't want to scare people off...but you know I feel your pain. Let me say the second one will be easier if you try it again. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous basket with me! Now I am going to browse around you wonderful blog for a few minutes!~

Maricar said...

That is DARLING ... but I about spit out my coffee reading that it was too much effort to give it to a non-crafter and too much effort to fill it with just nuggets (unless they are gold). You crack me up!

But after those comments, I'm too intimidated to even look at the instructions for something like that.

Definitely keep it as a "I conquered all" reward!

[And, I fixed it so my blog links to my name now. Thanks for pointing out that it was not listed there!]

Dee said...

Wow! You Rocked this basket!! I also saw the instructions and thought I guess I will continue to buy my longaberger LOL.
I just spent about 30 mins looking at all the eye candy you have posted since my last visit, You are on fire!! Everything is beautiful. I can't believe how many post you have wow...Rock on girl.

Jeanne said...

Holy Smokes Girlfriend! I too thought this was a basket you purchased until I read what you wrote. This is flippin' awesome! I. MUST. TRY. THIS. SOON.

You are absolutely, positively wonderful for sharing all the neat things you find. Unfortunately for my tushie, I may never get out of my chair...

Kristine said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I just saw her tutorial and clicked through to your blog. LOVE IT! I so want to go make one now. What a great reminder for you--when in doubt...TRY IT, you just might surprise yourself!! :)

Betty O said...

OMG! This is wonderful. My daughter took a basket weaving course in college and made some beautiful baskets. I'm going to try one of these to show her that old dogs CAN learn new tricks afterall. Thanks for the inspiration.