Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yet Another Baby Card . . .

OK, this is it for the baby card templates. This one's all boy, which is about all I know . . . so far. My youngest son told me once that when he gets around to having children, he would try, if he had to, six times to have a boy. First, I thought, "Good luck finding a woman who's willing to go along with something so outrageous." My second thought was that his statement was a little sexist, and what I told him was, "Well, you'd best get a good education so that you can get a good job to support all those little girls!" Maybe this son will present me with a granddaughter to two someday.

About the card, I like the texture created by the embossing folder. The stamp again is from the April SOTM, Express Postage. The template for the onesie can be found here.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Heavenly Blue cardstock; Retired Spring Harmony B&T paper; Heavenly Blue ink pad; Express Postage stamp set; Scalloped paper edger; Cuttlebug w/Tiny Mosaic embossing folder; White mini brads.

Speaking of little boys, I have two little guys in the next room who I'm going to go play with until bedtime. Unless they wear Grandma out (a possibility), I'll be back with a little something later!


Denise... said...

Absolutely adorable!

Maricar said...

LOL Kathi. My husband wanted six kids at one point too. I think we were innocent 20-something year olds back then.

Cute cute cute card.

Jeanne said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Coming from a family of 6 kids, I knew I didn't want 6! I didn't want an "odd" number of kids. If I had 3 I would have to have 4 and that's too many, so I stuck with 2! And am very happy and content! Most of the time...except when I get "attitude" from my 6 year old. LOL

{this comment took 3 attempts to post as I kept erasing what I had typed somehow-goofy fingers, I guess.}

Laurel said...

Oh this is adorable Kathi!