Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Favorites

There's nothing toxic about my favorite this week. There's nothing fancy about it either, but this plastic box made by Sterlite is one of my favorite storage containers. All told, I have 15 of them in my corner. They are the perfect fit for Close To My Heart stamp sets (each box holds about 18 sets) and can be used to store everything else that CTMH packages in the same-size envelopes (Sassy Strands, Window Charms, Just Blooms Big Pinks, etc.). I also use them to store other things such as my Cuttlebug embossing folders, as in the photo, and Nestablities. If what is stored inside doesn't extend over the top, they stack nicely and if the situation warrants it, hook together on the sides. My boxes were purchased at Wal-Mart. The cost, if I remember correctly, was 96-cents. I've seen them at a dollar store, too. While they aren't as attractive as baskets, they are functional and cheap. Because Kathi's Corner is, for the most part, sectioned off from view, functional and cheap works well for me.


Maricar said...

I use these too!

Jeanne said...

Got a bunch of these in my craft room, too! :o)

Danelle said...

Me, too! I made hand-stamped labels for each bin, then have those tied onto the bins with some cute, coordinating ribbons that match my room. It really adds a nice touch.