Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Favorites

I've had these favorite books from Papercrafts for several years, and while I'll have to say I don't reach for them as often as I did before I found the blogosphere, I do use them. If you're familiar with the sketches in the front of Papercrafts magazine, that's what the books are like - more than 50 simple card recipes with several examples of each.

Before posting, I paged through them to see if they appeared outdated. Rather, I found these publications to be like that classic blazer that never goes out of style. The only thing that appears even remotely dated are the eight or so pages of ads. The books, if you are interested, are available here.

It's still snowing, and according to the weatherman, we could have 10 inches by morning. By Tuesday, it is supposed to be in the 50s again. Maybe this will be the last of the white stuff until October or November. My fingers are crossed. I'm feeling better but am going to go back to bed and try to get some more sleep. I felt better last night, too, and then crappy again in the morning. Time will tell. Thanks for stopping, and have a great weekend!


Maricar said...

SNOWING? It's almost May for goodness sake.

Dare I tell you, we're in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops ... and last weekend we swam in the outdoor pool.

It is kind of funny how we don't rely on idea books when we have blogs and such online. But, I'll be sure to look for these two when I need another one to curl up on the couch with!

Jeanne said...

I have to admit to being a publicationaholic for a LONG time! I used my 40% off coupons well and amassed quite a few. These included! I'd thumb through them, enjoy looking at them and then almost forget I owned them! I need to go back through myself and pick out some fun cards to make.

I have these two, but since delving into the blogosphere, have really held off on buying any new ones for a while. ('course, I have moved on to buying up paper like it's going out of style....)