Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Fun is This?

I believe I have found my "Bellas!" As cute as I think those Bella stamps are, I have managed to resist them, thinking that I'm a little bit on the mature side for such cuteness.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I came across this line of stamps by Emerson Quillin sold by American Art Stamp. I had to order a couple, and they arrived today. I love them. They make me smile. They make me laugh. I think I should collect them, and because they are wood-mounted, I should find a shelf to put them on so I can enjoy them all of the time.

This particular stamp is especially near and dear to my heart, because it brings to mind a funny story. When I was working at the newspaper, the publisher's daughter, who was attending college at the time, came to work there for the summer. She is a knock-down, drag-out gorgeous girl with a bubbly, sweet personality. Anyway, I had a picture of my family on my desk that had been taken several years prior. My hair was still long and one color, and evidently, I looked better in the photo than I did just a few years later. One day, Becky picked up the photo and asked how old I was when it was taken. When I responded that I was 39, her eyes got big, and she gasped, "What happened?" While some might have taken offense, all I could do was laugh. It was around the time when I was starting to ask myself the same question. Besides, I knew what had happened. My kids had turned into teenagers . . . good kids but nonetheless, know-it-all, let-your-poor-mother-worry teenagers.

Another 10 years have passed, and I've accepted the multi-colored hair as well as the laugh lines and frown lines that appear to be in equal proportion. I still fit into my wedding gown, so everything hasn't gone south . . . yet.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, Bamboo, Cranberry, and Black cardstock; White Daisy pigment and Black ink pads; Grey Wool, Cranberry, Bamboo, Blush, and Brown Bag CTMH markers; Tombow Flesh Marker; Gelly Roll silver pen; Dove blending pen; CTMH Solo "E" stamp set; Emerson Quillin Young Voice stamp from American Art Stamp; Cuttlebug w/Swiss Dots embossing folder.

If all my stamps had little stories to go with them, I'd love them even more than I do. Now, I'm going to drag my not quite geriatric backside over to my corner and straighten it up a bit so I can stamp some more tomorrow night. Then I'm going to bed. I had a minor catastrophe at work today. I wrote an article, which is due to the translators tomorrow, and my computer malfunctioned just as I was finishing it. I was not able to recover it, which means I have to rewrite it . . . fast. I'd like to go in a couple of hours early and get a jump start before the usual interruptions begin. Hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my cubicle is not an option. The people I deal with are not people one can put off.

As always, thanks for stopping. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, Kathi! What a great sense of humor you have!! I might have taken offense, just a bit. But I LOVE the sentiment and the story!

The card looks fantastic. I wish I could stamp with white as well as you do.

Good luck re-writing your piece tomorrow!

Maricar said...

I just went to the Emerson site. There were a bunch that were great. I liked several with a religious (yet a little sassy) overtone, and loved the playfulness of her graphics. Hmm ... (ahem, you're such the enabler!)


Sylvia said...

Love the card. I am going to have to order some of those stamps. Well now it is off to the shower and get Jim to the hospital for his thumb surgery.

Kariberry said...

LOL... That is too funny. That stamp was on my "maybe" list. Not ready to admit that one yet. hee hee I never used the white pigment ink, I have it. It looks like it works well. Nice card Kathi, Love it!