Monday, April 7, 2008

If I Only Had a Day . . .

My husband's birthday is Saturday, and while I don't know if this will be "the" card, making it brought back a memory. When I was working at the newspaper, I wrote an article that included the fact that mayflies live their entire lives in a span of 24 hours. After careful consideration of how I would spend my life if I only had a day, I wrote that I would spend it fishing with Marv. For his birthday, which was in close proximity to the time the story appeared, I had my co-workers create a display ad that included a close-up photo of him in our boat on the water. It read, "If I only had a day, I would spend it fishing with you."

About the card, this one probably won't be "it," because I can just hear him saying, "I've never seen an orange bobber!!" He wouldn't care that the color isn't orange but Autumn Terracotta or that a red bobber wouldn't have matched the paper. Bobbers are supposed to be red and white, and that's that. "Art" only goes so far.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Cocoa, and Autumn Terracotta cardstock; Rustic Trail paper packet; Cocoa, Autumn Terracotta, Goldrush, Garden Green, and Bamboo ink pads; Bamboo and Garden Green markers; Hook, Line & Sinker and Happy Birthday stamp sets; Garden Green mini brads; Circle Window Charms; 1-11/16th-inch circle punch, Sanding block.

Back to the mayfly . . . Actually, a mayfly that lives 24 hours is a member of a species with a long lifespan. Some only get 30 seconds. Thinking today, verses a few years ago, about what I'd do if I only had 24 hours, I think my answer would be similar, only I might want my sons and, for certain, my grandsons in the boat, too. Perhaps, we'd have to have a pontoon! Regardless, I'd be on a lake or any calm body of water. I suppose, in the event that the fish aren't biting, I'd tote along a little cardstock, some ink, and a stamp set or two as well. So, if you only had a day, what would you do? Whatever our answers are, we should try to do it more often.

With my "Monday Mumblings" out of the way, I'm off to stamp a little and then get my water fix in the bathtub before turning in for a good night's rest. Enjoy your week. I'll catch you later.


Maricar said...

A heartwarming story and a wonderful card. I'm always inspired by you -- both craft wise and in just the way you choose to live your life.

Nicole said...

LOL Your guy sounds like my guy. A bobber is red and white no matter WHAT color we use.

Personally, I like your version better, and who said someone couldn't make a different colored bobber - ya know? Wouldn't amethyst and white look pretty out there bobbin' around ;)

Jeanne said...

Love the card and the story you shared. And for the record, I happen to have some BRIGHT orange bobbers in the back of the van. :o) But I guess true fisherpeople might not think they are good bobbers.

My girls LOVE to go fishing...not that they catch much if anything.

Didn't know that about the mayfly. Learned something new today!

Erica said...

nice manly card!