Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Card and a Confession

I love this card, mostly because I love this silly owl. The Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol are the perfect coloring medium, which tickles me pink, because I really did not want to need some spendy markers. I have noticed that he (he is a he, isn't he?) has turned out different every time I color him, probably because with 120 pencils in that set, I haven't used the same colors twice. I think my computer-generated "notebook" paper is the perfect for a graduation card, too. They still use notebooks in schools, don't they?

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Cocoa cardstock; Stampin' Up Kraft cardstock; Basic Grey "Archaic" paper pad; Black and Cocoa ink pads; Cornish Heritage Farms U R A Hoot stamp set; Prismacolor colored pencils; Gamsol colorless, odorless mineral spirits; Ribbon from Michaels; Sanding block; Stampin' Up Spiral punch.

OK. Now for the the confession. I don't believe I've mentioned American Idol since very early in the season when the racket from the television Marv was watching was making me crazy. What I haven't said is that I got caught up in the show early on in the season. Well, now it's down to the last three, and I definitely have my favorite. David Cook is the one I picked to win in the beginning. His talent is phenomenal. I get goose bumps when he sings even though he does not and will not sing the kind of music this granny will listen to. He's 25 years old and wears a funky hairstyle that I would hate on anyone but him. He also has a look, an arrogance about him that I would not find appealing in most. What he has is a natural star quality that his very talented competitors lack. Polls in the blogosphere (Yes, there are blogs about things other than stamping and politics) predict him to be the hands-down winner. We'll see. I won't be despondent or anything if my pick doesn't win. I'll just be surprised. What's crazy and so totally out of character for me is that I got caught up in the whole thing to begin with. It's been fun.

Speaking of fun, we had dinner tonight with son Dustin and his girlfriend, Miranda, at a Chinese restaurant - my Mother's Day treat (he even picked up the check!). The food was great, even though quite a bit of mine came home in a box. That was my fault because of the 2-pound brownie I thought I needed at 4:45 this afternoon. Of course, it was still sitting in the bottom of my stomach at 5:15 when we met for dinner. I am the Queen of Self Control. Not!

That's enough silly jabber for tonight. Abe Lincoln is responsible for my mood. He was a smart guy, having said, "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." I think it's supposed to be a nice day here tomorrow, which will aid me in making up my mind to be happy. I hope yours is a good day, too. I'll catch you tomorrow night with an out-of-the-box (for me) color combination.


Denise... said...

Oh I LOVE this card. I see casing in the near future!

Stampin n da Hood said...

I love this lil guy!

Kariberry said...

Your owl turned out cute. I love your coloring!

Jeanne said...

This card looks fantastic! Your coloring is perfect. Keep telling yourself you don't need expensive markers, because you don't! You NEED to tell me/us how you color so beautifully!

Never watched American Idol, but do enjoy reality shows. However I completely avoided Survivor this time and (gasp)lived to say that! LOL

Great work as usual!

Anonymous said...
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