Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Favorites

My picks for my Friday Favorites posts seem to fall back on little things, the small tools and accessories that make stamping and papercrafting easier and more fun.

The Quickie Glue pen by Sakura is another item I came across by accident and purchased for the purpose of simply giving it a try. It's a $2.49 ball-point glue pen that doesn't clog up or need to be shook or "primed." I don't know about you, but I've found the Write 'N Rub pen to be one of the most frustrating tools I've ever laid my hands on. When I've followed instructions to the letter and still can't get something to work, I lose my patience pretty fast, which is my story with the Write N' Rub. This pen does the same thing and more. The difference is that it works - first time, every time.

I don't remember offhand where I purchased it but have noticed that it's available from numerous online stores, including Sakura of America, where you can read the full description for this item as well. My last words on the subject: Try it. You'll like it!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi, I bought that Quickie Glue pen too. Only I have not used it yet. I bought a lot of things online one day and that was one of them. I am glad to hear it really works because I failed with the Write n Rub also. Great information on Fridays.

Stampin n da Hood said...

Love this little glue pen...I try to have them for goodie prizes at our SB Getaway and everyone loves them, too!

Sunflowergal74 said...

I was directed to this Quickie pen from the local stamp store - it's awesome. LOVE it :) What a great idea to showcase it on your blog! :)