Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Asian Flair

There's no smart-butt play on words in my title tonight. My initial thoughts about last night's card was that it was plain. Then I took a second look and decided it was pretty, which is where the "Plain Pretty" originated. One would think that someone who plays around with words all day wouldn't have to come home and do it at night, too. It's just that I don't get to have a whole lot of fun during the day.

About my card this evening, I have a thing for anything Asian, so when Verve Stamps introduced its new Asian Flair set, there was no hesitation on my part in ordering it. On Verve's part, there was no hesitation in sending it either. I love great service. As I don't have much time to stamp tonight, however, I went in search of inspiration and found this card on Amber's The Stamping Scrapbooker blog. Obviously, I changed it out quite a bit. I love her card, including her use of Crystal Effects. I wasn't so gutsy with the Liquid Glass. Call it no confidence, as I pictured myself getting to the last symbol and either having the top come off the bottle or dropping the whole thing face down on the floor. While it hasn't been that kind of day, I didn't see that pushing my luck made a whole lot of sense either. LOL. If you linked to the set, you saw that all of the design elements are small, including the tiny bamboo leaves that I stamped on the twill ribbon. I love the sentiment, and, of course, all the cards I make using it will have to have ribbon.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Garden Green, and Olive cardstock; Olive ink pad; Verve Stamps Asian Flair stamp set; Twill ribbon; Pewter mini brads; 3M foam mounting tape.

After gagging down some nighttime-formula Alka Seltzer Plus, I slept like a baby last night. Out by 10:30, I slept straight through until 6:15 and woke up feeling like a human being. Marv said I coughed, but it couldn't have been much. I think I'll repeat the process tonight. I need all my bearings tomorrow, as I have a writing project with subject matter that is so far over my head that I don't know how I'm going to pull it off. What I researched today was so technical (as in IT stuff) that I feel like I've got to dumb it down a little for an electronic engineer to understand it. And, I thought it was going to be a slow week . . .

On that note, I'll bid you adieu for tonight with the promise of showing up here again tomorrow. With a little luck, I'll be braggin' about my writing coup and have something stamped to show you. 'Til then, take care!


Jeanne said...

You're doing it again, Kathi, making me want this stamp set Or maybe I should just drool over what you have created. You have lined up the stamps perfectly. The color is so calming. And the sentiment is a favorite of mine.

Ahhhh...I think I need a bib.

Maricar said...

So you STAMPED that background paper? It looks perfect. Egads. Mine would totally not look so good.

LOL at Jeanne's post. You enable her spending about as much as you encourage mine.

We both want to be like you and create like you :)