Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a Note

I'm playing around with a couple of things tonight. The first is Windows Live Writer that I downloaded this afternoon. I don't really know what the heck it's all about, but my friend Jeanne is using it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl, too. One's got to keep up with the Jones you know. LOL. See her fun blog, Creative Bliss, for the details and links to more information. You'll have to scroll down, because she's been busy. Take a look. She has some great stuff to inkspire you!!

While you probably can't tell from the photo, I created a grid with the Scor-Pal to help me line up my stamped images for this card. It really helped. Anyway, as I was just playing around, I really didn't have any intention for the stamped piece and just kind of put a very simple card together. As I was photographing it, I kept thinking that I should do something more with it, and then I thought, "No, it's 'just a note' after all!"

Materials & Tools: White Daisy cardstock; Textured Sweet Leaf cardstock; Sweet Leaf ink pad; Verve Stamps Thoughtful Florals and Asian Flair stamp sets; Fiskars Sunburst border punch.

If the evening air that the window fan is blowing at me is any indication, I think it's going to be a warm one tomorrow. For tonight, I'm going to call it a day. Have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for stopping.

Thoughts on Live Writer: It's kind of cool. I think it might be easier for composing posts. Once I posted, I did go back and edit my post with Blogger, which is what I'm doing now as well. As my photo was smaller than what I normally show, I replaced it. If I size my photos about 30 percent larger, however, I shouldn't have to do that. Live Writer might come in particularly handy when Blogger is experiencing issues and won't let me upload a photo. It might save a little frustration. I'll keep using it and let you know what I think again after a few more posts.


Anonymous said...

I just checked out Jeanne's blog and her print is so small I can hardly read it. Please don't do that to your blog. I have enough trouble seeing as it is, I don't want to upgrade my glasses again.

Jeanne said...

Well, I guess I'll have to adjust the print on my blog (she left me a comment, too), but it's all new to me, too. I love it that you are checking it out as well. I kinda like using the Live Writer.

Now as for your card...beautiful is all I can say. Love it's simplicity. Nicely done, my friend! Ü