Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Bookkeeping

I've made a few changes to the left hand column of my blog. For one thing, I jazzed up my profile a bit. Why is it so hard to write about oneself? I also posted my email address again and reset my comment settings to accept anonymous comments again. That was after I received an email message from Beate Johns commenting about my "Beate's Back" post. She tried to post and couldn't because she doesn't have a Blogger account. The fact that she took the time to email me blew me away. Very nice. The email address is there for those of you who have something to say but don't like to leave comments.

I also went through my list of "Blogs that Inspire," taking out a few that either don't post very often or are not on my Google Reader list. There's still a considerable amount of work to do on that list. I will probably remove or revamp a couple of the other lists, as I doubt they're of great value to anyone. What about the labels? Does anyone use this information? I attempted to condense that list a while back, and it appears to me that it is still too darned long.

After making note of some really nice blogs lately, I've also been in the mood to redo my header and background lately but then remember that I nearly had a nervous breakdown the last time. LOL. When I decide to make changes, I'll have to get my computer whiz kid over here to walk me through it. I'm about as apt to learn Chinese as I am HTML. That's enough jabber. I just wanted you to be aware of my tinkering around.

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