Sunday, August 31, 2008


Actually, I'm not speechless, which you're about to find out if you keep reading. I am certain that there are blogs that exist and books that have been written that address the utter hopelessness of the human male. If not, I could create the blog or write the book.

Here's my story. I was cleaning and moving along at a pretty good clip. Oh, there were a a couple of little mishaps along the way, including escaping death during an avalanche when I reached for the toilet tissue on the top shelf of the utility closet. Once I regained by composure, I must have muttered something like, "I could clean this closet every day. . ." "That aimed at me?" was the response from the chair. "Yup," I replied, "And why's the toilet tissue here anyway? Don't you think it would make more sense to store it in the vanity in the bathroom or maybe the linen closet, which is close to the bathroom?" "I 'spose," he muttered. Whether its a cupboard or a closet, the man does not put things were they belong, he's puts things where they fit, and yes, I could clean them every day, and he'd have them messed up within minutes.

I continued to clean. When I didn't find my all-purpose cleaner where it should have been (in the treacherous utility closet), I asked if he knew where it was. "Under the sink, I think," he said from the chair. So, I look under the sink only to find that the sink has been leaking. Upon being advised of the problem, he let out a huge sigh, got out of the chair, took everything out of the cupboard, and gathered up his tools. I retreated to my corner to escape the mess, only to be called back to the kitchen to assist him. I felt just like a surgical nurse.

In the midst of the mess, the phone rang. It was his sister's boyfriend saying they were in the neighborhood and were going to stop by. I explained it was a bad time - like I wanted what could be Martha Stewart's sister in my house to witness the mess her brother had just made. I suggested we have breakfast together tomorrow before they leave for home.

While I'm talking to the boyfriend, Marv removes all of the pipes from under the sink. "I can't figure it out. I'm calling a plumber," he said. And then, "I need to go mow," and out the door he went.

The kitchen is a disaster. Obviously, plumbers won't be available until Tuesday. Evidently we'll be eating more than breakfast out. Why didn't I just put a pail under the sink to catch the leak and keep my mouth shut until Tuesday when I was on my way out the door to go to work? I will clean at a later date, and I have retreated to my corner for the duration of this holiday weekend. Can anyone relate? Please tell me that there are others like him . . .

Now, about my card. It's a gatefold card that sold me on the Scor-Pal. I need one (but not as much as I need a plumber right now). LOL. As for the stamps, I could no longer refrain from inking up the November Stamp of the Month set, All Decked Out. While I thought CTMH had outdone itself last year with Snow Friends, this set may be even cuter. As for the card design, it's very simple - all I'm capable of in my still-stunned state. The snowman's cap and scarf were stamped on Crystal Blue cardstock and paper-pieced, which is easier than masking. I drew in the snowbanks and chalked the sky. I love snowmen - just don't like dealing with the material with which they are made.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Crystal Blue cardstock; Black, Moonstruck, and Chocolate ink pads; Orange marker; All Decked Out November SOTM and Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages stamp sets; Spring Chalks, Dove Blending Pen; Black My Legacy Writer; Scor-Pal.

As long as I was so wordy on the top, I'll keep it short here. Like I said, I'll be hanging out in Kathi's Corner, which means I'll probably be back. Thanks for stopping. Thanks for listening . . .Later!


Jeanne said...

Well, if you got my email earlier you probably know my sentiments right now about MEN! Hubby is the proud owner of a new bike and a new printer. Me, I got dinner out, which isn't terrible, but the service was not that great. Sigh. I'm SO sorry to hear of the disaster in the kitchen. Hugs.

That stamp is adorable and I think you are is cuter than the one last year! Well done!

Sylvia said...

Love the card. That set and the September SOTM are definately sets I am going to get.

For the record yes, Jim is just like Marv when it comes to putting things away. Not where they should go but where he thinks they should go. He has a tool shed the length of the garage and you can step one foot inside because everything in right in front so he can easily get at it. MEN! But what would we do without them. LOL Friday the 5th we celebrate our 49th anniversary.

Laurel said...

Love the card! Any yes, I am sure all men are the same! Frustrating hey?!

Kariberry said...

Love the card! Don't cha just love the Scor~Pal?!? :)