Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simple Salvage

This card is one of those lemons/lemonade things. Last night, I tried inking up my big Inspired by Nature floral image with markers, misting it, and stamping it on watercolor paper. I don't know what I did (or didn't do), but the largest, top flower didn't come out so good. I was bummed. As I moved to throw it in the wastebasket, I saw that the two smaller flowers had turned out just fine. Thus, I cut one of the images into something that I thought was pleasing to the eye and tossed it into the "maybe later" pile. This evening, I decided to see if I could do something with it. The technique I used to create the background is an old favorite done with a piece of plastic wrap. You just wad your plastic wrap into a little ball and stamp with it. I used same color ink on Hollyhock cardstock. Back to the background, I use a twisting motion to lay the ink down, overlapping the design, and then going back to add or fill in as needed. This technique on brown paper looks very much like suede. I think the rest of the card pretty much explains itself. I'm pleased with it, particularly when I remember that the floral image almost ended up in the trash!

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, Hollyhock, and Cocoa cardstock; White watercolor paper; Cocoa and Hollyhock ink pads; Garden Green, New England Ivy, Brown Bag, Cocoa, Blush, and Hollyhock markers; Stampin' Up Inspired by Nature and Verve Stamps Serenity stamp sets; Pink acrylic disks from Michael's; Piercing tool; Stampin' Up Piercing Guide and Mat; Liquid Glass; 3M foam mounting tape; Plastic wrap.

I am literally ready to pass out after having accomplished more today than I have on any other single day in years. My fall and winter wardrobe is hanging in the closet. My spring and summer wardrobe has been moved to a portable closet in storage. Multiple piles of "stuff" are gone. I made several trips to the dumpster, enough to make the neighbors curious, I'm sure. It's not often that I get in a pitching mood. Today was the day. There's an autumn wreath hanging on the door and the rest of my fall decorations are out and looking pretty.

I went shopping twice, which is highly unusual for me. The first time was this morning after I got downtown for my hair appointment only to find that my friend was running behind. I walked down the street and finally bought that purse I was talking about needing several weeks ago. Unlike some of my younger co-workers, I don't have a closet full of purses. I don't really even like purses, which is why I bought a very plain/classic black leather purse that I hope lasts as long as the black leather purse it replaces. It should, because a few years ago, I think I probably could have bought a whole cow for what the darned thing cost. I also bought a really cute jacket. It's bright turquoise. The fabric is like cut velvet or plush corduroy with big, swirly flourishes all over it. The collar is big, and it's got two big, 1-1/4 inch turquoise buttons. It's way trendier than most of the clothes I buy - way fun, too! My second jaunt to a store was to Walmart for a few things I needed and a few things I thought I needed. LOL.

Now that I'm on this domestic roll, I hope I can keep it up for a while. There are a couple other trouble areas, the first being paper/file cabinet stuff and the other being toys. The kids' toys are in our bedroom, and while I love them and want them there, I don't necessarily want to look at them when the boys aren't here. Bright plastic objects and a Spiderman table and chairs don't really fit into the rest of the decor. I have my bed on risers, so I'm thinking of having someone build me some large drawers on casters that we can pull out when the little ones are around.

Good grief, this is a long one. I didn't mean to be so long winded. I hope you had a good day and that tomorrow is a good one, too. I'm going to tackle a bookcase in the morning and then enjoy the rest of the day with a little family, a little stamping and stamp club tomorrow night. Thanks for stopping by! Later . . .


Maricar said...

I need to try that saran wrap background. Your result was a very pretty card.

And kudos to you for a productive domestic day!

Jeanne said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day! Yea for you!

The card is terrific. I'm glad you were able to salvage it, because it would be a shame not to have seen this.

I'm also so happy you had a happy shopping day. Makes up for my not so happy one! LOL

Enjoy your Sunday! I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Tracy said...

That's a beautiful card! I haven't used the saran wrap technique in years, but I still have a whole roll of it in my office!

Your jacket sounds gorgeous, too! :)