Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And Then, There's Too Much of a Good Thing

As much as I loved the Kraft-Chocolate-Twilight color combo on my last card, I'm not lovin' it on this one. While there's the possibility my card might grow on me, it's looking a little drab this evening.

The sketch is from CTMH's new Originals book, which, by the way, is a beautiful book and a great source for ideas. I believe that I would appreciate this card more had I followed by instincts and cut it down to create a 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 inch card. As it is, it's "too brown" for my tastes. As for my stamped image, I cut it out, which, considering the intricacy of the design, was no small trick. With elements that I definitely like, there might be a "redesign" in the works for this one, too.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Chocolate, Twilight, and Stampin' Up Kraft cardstock; Winter Cozy B&T paper (retired); Chocolate ink pad; Happy Birthday, Sensational Seals, and Stampin' Up Inspired by Nature stamp sets; Pewter Bigger Brads and Picture Hangers; Twilight Designer Ribbon Rounds.

Later: I didn't know if chopping by card down would work or not but thought I'd give it a try. Here's the result, which, for me, still isn't great but an improvement. As you can see, I changed the ribbon. Had the picture hanger not been there, I would have eliminated it all together. One more thing, I had a partial sentiment (the Happy Birthday) that I made disappear with a little bleach and a paintbrush. I'm hoping this "redesign" thing doesn't become a regular feature of this blog. I'd much prefer to get it right the first time!

I decided to schedule this post, so there isn't much else to say. I'm predicting a good day and hoping your day is, too. I might be back after bowling if I'm feeling creative. If not, check back tomorrow evening. Most likely I will have been here. In the interim, take care.


Tiffany and Jen said...

I like the second one slightly more than the first! It looks more balanced to me? I think their both very pretty though! Don't be too hard on yourself!

Erica said...

i love the color all of your takes on it.

Jeanne said...

I do like the second version a bit more myself, but then I prefer that size. I'm wondering if you maybe stamped the image in a second generation or lighter color (for that faux embossed look) if that might give it a little depth. If you don't like the ribbon...can you take off the hanger and add some brads or something?

Just some thoughts that popped into my head and thought I'd share. Hope you don't mind!

I do like the combo a lot! And the card is very nice as is!

Rein said...

Beautiful cards!

Patzke's said...

I like them both.

Connie said...

I like both cards but I do like the 4 1/4 x 5 /2 version better since it doesn't have all the "blank" space. Actually, I'm hoping that the remake is a recurrent part of your blog. I just LOVE seeing you make the changes. It's like the articles in some of the magazines where you make it simple, a little bit more embellished and then AWESOME!!