Thursday, February 5, 2009


My computer is sick. Bjorn was playing an online game this morning, and from what I'm told, the screen went blank, and that was it. While it will reboot, Windows will not open beyond the "flash" screen. Cameron worked on it for about three hours this evening, all to no avail. For now, he's got me running on a open source operating system.

I don't have my photographs backed up, so I'm more than a little nervous. And, before you tell me how stupid I am, believe me, I've already heard it. The question, I'm told, is not "if" one's hard drive will fail but "when" it will fail. When he wasn't chewing me out, the computer guru assured me that he's relatively certain the information on my hard drive can be retrieved. With the exception of my photos, I don't care.

As for when I'll be back with a post that includes a photograph/artwork, I can't tell you. Should anyone who reads this want to email me, I now have a gmail account at With that, I'm going to sign off for tonight. I hope yours was a good day and that tomorrow is, too. Later ...

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Jeanne said...

Oh NO! I'm sorry to hear this! I hope Cameron gets it fixed for you and soon!

Good luck and big hugs!