Monday, March 16, 2009

Answers (kind of) to Questions

A couple of posts ago, a reader asked about the baby wipe technique. Basically, it's using reinkers and a baby wipe to create an ink pad. A tutorial with photos can be found HERE (click on link) on the Splitcoast Stampers website. I've used the technique with varying success. In my experience, it has worked best when the baby wipe isn't too wet to begin with. I tried a couple of images with the large butterfly in the Butterfly Wings set and didn't really like my stamped images, so that might mean it works better with smaller stamps. For me, the word "technique" is often synonymous with "experiment." Sometimes things work out and other times they don't. Usually, it's fun trying!

As for the digital images or images printed on cardstock from a CD using an inkjet printer, I have questions myself. I know that it works to color the images with colored pencils, using odorless mineral spirits to blend the color. I've only tried markers once, attempting to use my flesh-color marker to color the face of a little girl image a couple nights ago. It didn't work. The printer ink smeared. Did I read something somewhere about heat setting inkjet ink, or was that my imagination? Is there any other way to "set" the ink? With a spray fixative maybe? If water-based markers don't work, would alcohol-based markers, such as Copics, work? Maybe I can start a little discussion here, because I am certain there are others out there who are more experienced with digital images than I am. Information to share, anyone?


Jeanne said...

I was hesitant about coloring digital images because of the "smear factor." I asked Holly at Hog Wild For Stamping (a blog). She also demos for Squigglefly (a website)...(don't know how to put links in a comment, sorry)

Anyway, she colors her digital images with Copics and there's no smearing. She recommends heat setting the image. I suspect the alcohol in the markers is a factor. I'm not brave enough to try it, yet with my Sharpies and Bic Mark-its. So, you are definitely on the right track, from what I understand.

Not sure if this helps...guess you could experiment...after's only paper! LOL

Sarah said...

OK now I have to try. I have a HP D7200 photo printer...I am going to have to find an image somewhere print it on my cardstock and use my copics. Ohhhh the possibilities.
Thanks for adressing my question.
So much to learn and so little time!

Sarah said...

Please put another 'd' in addressing LOL

Sarah said...

OK I printed a simple black and white clip art image on my white daisy cardstock, then colored it with heat setting, no smearing or smudging, worked perfectly. The only thing I noticed was the fact that the black is not as brilliant or dark as it is when stamped with ink.