Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Simple Saturday

I think it's fun to try to incorporate a "10 Minutes or Less" card into my projects for stamp club. We made this one Sunday night. I wanted to feature using both sides of Close To My Heart's textured cardstock. I wish the photo revealed how truly pretty this simple, unadorned card really is. The textured cardstock gives it class, and the raised image, mounted to the card with foam tape, gives it interest. It reminds me of one of those rare, feature-perfect faces that require no makeup.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Cocoa Cardstock; Petal textured cardstock; Petal and Cocoa ink pads; Intrinsic Backgrounds and Happy Birthday stamp sets; 3M foam mounting tape.

I came home from my scrap event just before midnight last night. I'm not moving very fast this morning, however. For the past couple of days, I've been waking up with a sore neck, like my glands are swollen or something. This morning, I have a slight headache to go with it, leaving me wondering if I'm just going to feel kinda yucky or if I'm coming down with something. I guess I'll take a couple of aspirin and see what happens. Last night was fun. As this was the first time I've attended an event such as this, it was interesting, too. I marveled at just how much stuff people are willing to haul around and how fast and furiously they go at their craft. I felt like a turtle amongst a bunch of rabbits. Now, this old turtle better put together a few things to amuse her for the afternoon and head back downtown. I hope you're having a great day. Catch ya later ...


Sarah said...

You are right, this card is simply beautiful! It needs no "makeup'.
I am also amazed at how fast some people craft! I could not do that. If I move fast I screw up! I take my time measuring and lining things up just so (and still screw it up LOL).
Hope you feel better and don't come down with the crud.

Sparkle said...

Your card is very pretty!

Sharli said...


It's lovely! I like Petal and Cocoa. Very pretty colors together!

Please take care of yourself - feel better SOON!


Jeanne said...

I enlarged the picture and could see all the's absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

I got nuthin' to share today...I've spent the past few hours, yes hours, cleaning up my little corner. Who knew one could tuck so much stuff into a little space??

Hope you aren't getting sick! Take care! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the event.


Laurel said...

Simple and classy, you are so good at that!