Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spoiled Brat ....

AKA "I Want That Punch" AKA "Enabler's Alert." LOL . Coming up with a title for my post was no problem tonight. I just had to pick the one that fit best.

First, to give credit where credit is due, my card was inspired by this card on Julie Koerber's Out to Impress blog. While everything about her card appealed to me, I wanted the stamp instead of the stickers. I didn't find it, however, but did come across the stickers a few weeks later. So, I bought 'em, and they've been occupying a spot on a shelf for nearly a year. Funny thing is, I came across the stamp recently, too, on a new website I found.

The brat thing, however, is not about the stickers nor the stamp, which I have yet to buy. It's about the punch that I saw on May 3rd on Terri's My Frame of Mind blog. Isn't Terri's card cute? And, from the moment I saw her buttons, I knew that I needed that punch. Somehow though, I managed to control myself until May 8th when I searched for a "Martha Stewart button punch" on Google. While I found a lot of talk about it on a lot of blogs, I didn't find it available from a retail location. Thus, I checked out eBay where I found it and exercised the "Buy it Now" feature. Thirty seconds or so and the transaction was complete. Gotta love it.

Now, for the really impressive part of this little story. May 8th was Saturday. My husband came waltzing through the door tonight and asked, "What the heck did you buy from a Rafael Rodriguez in Long Beach, California?" "I don't know," I replied. There was no way the punch would get from California to Minnesota in one business day, or so I thought. What's even more amazing is that it was here yesterday, and he forgot about it and left the package in his office last night. He apologized. I didn't care. I'm just darned impressed that the USPS can get something from California to Minnesota over the weekend, and it wasn't even Priority Mail. I'm impressed with the punch, too. Did I need it? I dunno, but I think I'm really going to like it and use it a lot. Do you need it? That's where the enabler thing comes in. LOL. The fact that the punch embosses a little rim around the button is pretty nifty.... And now for "the list."

Materials & Tools: White Daisy, Hydrangea, and Citrus Leaf cardstock; Dutch Blue Textured cardstock; White glossy cardstock (the button); Penny Black Sun-Kissed Stickeroos; Papertrey Ink Birthday Basics stamp set; Ribbon from Wal-Mart; Martha Stewart Embossed Button punch.

After that long spiel, I'll keep it short. Had I not had so darned much work to do, I would have left work sick at 10 a.m. this morning. I hope none of my guests from Sunday are having stomach issues. If they are, it's a sign that I should stay out of the kitchen. Seriously, while darned near doubled over throughout much of the day, I'm much better tonight.

That said, my husband wants some attention. Perhaps I'll engage him in some type of game that will improve his memory, so he doesn't forget the important stuff. LOL. Hope your day was a good one and tomorrow is, too! Catch ya then ...


Laurel said...

Very pretty! I have eyed that punch at Michael's

Sarah said...

Love the card...wonderful colors.
WOW I am drooling over that punch! I want one! LOL
I have buttong stamps from CTMH and button Nestabilities..BUT that is wayyy cool.
Thanks for enabling.

Ava said...

LOL! I too saw Terri's post and (as I had a coupon in hand and a Michael's within driving distance) I ran out and got one (embossing button punch) immediately! I can't wait to try it out with my new All Buttoned Up stamp set that arrived today! woooohooo!
Thanks for your posts, Kathi -- they make my day :)
*inky hugs*

Sharli said...

You are too funny!!! I saw that punch at Michael's, (like Laurel) and couldn't understand how it punched - it looked like is was going to make two rings and 4 holes, and . . . I didn't even thing that it might emboss AND punch! Now THAT's cool!!!

Pretty card - love the colors - they are HAPPY!

Leslie said...

Kathi, sounds like maybe our husbands of 30+ years were separated at birth, huh?
I just ordered the buttoned up stamp set and the clear buttons. I didn't need a button punch, but now. . .
I get coupons by email for Michael's about every week and am starting to use them to get the border punches. Same thing at Joanne's ETC.
Thanks for sharing. Only those of us who are not addicted to papercrafts will be able to resist.

Kariberry said...

Pretty card, cute punch! :)

Anne said...

Absolutely LOVE this punch! You can make buttons to coordinate with ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely going to make an excuse to stop by Michael's NOW :-)

AaronB said...

Now I need that punch-cute card!

cnuland said...

It's called Enabling! I love that punch - now that I know Michael's carries them, I'll have to go check it out!

Deborah Young said...

All righy, you're killing me! I ran all over this town last weekend looking for that little button punch. I'm glad you found it. You said you googled it - did you get it from the e-bay buy it now person?
I'm going to run up to our second Michael's store tomorrow. I saw that post as well and now I have to have it!!!
p.s. Your card is so cute!