Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tattered Sparrow

Before I tell you about my card, I need to retract the statement I made in my last post about ink not sticking to the set of stamps I used on my last card. Out of curiosity, I tried the new stamps using an ink pad from Papertrey Ink. The image was perfect. Then, I tried a couple different colors from Close To My Heart. Again, the images were flawless. For whatever reason, they don't stamp well with Tulip ink, and as that is what I was using at the time, I became frustrated. While I believe the statement about all polymer not being created equal to be somewhat true, I can't say I've had a lot of problems with stamps from the various companies. Once they're seasoned (and some stamps require more seasoning than others), most polymer stamps, providing the etching is deep enough, provide a clear image. A stamper long before polymer stamps were invented, I still have an appreciation for images produced by rubber stamps, too, even though they clearly (no pun intended) are not as easy to use.

Now, about my card. It was made in stages between games of Cootie, Memory, and Hide the Thimble with Mathias. The focal point image - rubber on cling mount - is by Tim Holtz. While I love the look, I wasn't sure what to do with it at first. Most certainly, it isn't a stamp to be used with anything "cute." The background I created for it just kind of evolved. I used a variety of stamp sets and Black, Bamboo, and Desert Sand ink pads. The antiquing was done using the direct-to-paper technique. I like the way it turned out and wouldn't mind random stamping a couple of 12x12-inch sheets of Bamboo cardstock like this just to have around.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White, Bamboo, and Black cardstock; Black, Bamboo, and Desert Sand ink pads; Tim Holtz Tattered Sparrow rubber stamp; Inkadinkado Butterflies & Birds, Stampendous Flexible Friendship Wishes, and Close To My Heart Air Mail (retired) and Lovely Lace stamp sets; Pewter photo clips and mini brads; Stampin' Up Word Window punch.

I had a lovely afternoon with the boys. We did a little laundry and played some games. A current favorite, "Hide the Thimble" isn't a purchased game but rather one I played with my grandma when I was a little girl. Mathias and I don't use a thimble but rather a small object of his choosing. Today it was a Cootie leg. The game simply involves taking turns leaving the room while the other person hides the object and then taking turns finding it. If you're close to the object, you're "hot" and if you're on the wrong side of the room, you're "cold." Words such as warmer, cooler, freezing, and on fire come up in the conversation, too. It took Mathias a while to catch on to the hot/cold concept, but I noticed he had it down pat today. So often when I'm playing with the boys I remember the special times I had with my grandma. I hope my little ones have similar memories someday.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. With another busy workweek ahead of me, I'm going to turn in early tonight. Have a good week, my friends ...


Sparkle said...

Very pretty!

Laurel said...

Very nice!

Jeanne said...

While not a huge fan of this type of artsy card, I think you did a great job with it. My brain just doesn't get what to do with these types of images, so I admire those who can pull them off so easily. *Ü*

Love your Hide the Thimble game. I think it's great that you are passing down games that you used to play. I'm sure your boys love the connections you are making.

Scrappingamma said...

Love this card! I wish I could pull something like this together. You did an excellect job!
You know what really amazes me, that you can do a card a day. It takes me forever just to sit down at the craft table.

Barb said...

Your card is lovely! LOVE the vintage-y(is that a word?) look of it. The colors are perfect.

You know I am a big fan of Grandma stories and yours was just wonderful. I like the you used a Cootie leg for the thimble...that is just priceless! *smile* I know your grandsons will remember these days. I really enjoy the stories you share.

My weekend was great. Yesterday was my birthday...we went to church, we did some shopping, visted my dad and then out for dinner....sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, too.

I've left you a little something on my blog. Take a peekie! :-)

Kariberry said...

WOW your card is gorgeous! As for the Thimble game? That would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.It could be Anywhere. :) But it brought back a good memories for you. How fun!

Sharli said...

I love your neutral artsy card! Very sophisticated!

I think the "hide the thimble" game is perfect - and yes, Kathi, they will have lovely memories of playing with you. With luck, they will pass those kindnesses on to their Grandchildren some day just as you honor your Grandmother. It's a little sobering to think what a huge responsibility this all is - this raising children and grandchildren!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous Kathi!