Monday, June 15, 2009

Another One of "Those" Cards ...

With a vision of what I wanted to do, I sat down last night to make a simple (or what should have been simple/easy) card.

It's my take on this week's Stamp Simply Challenge on the No Time to Stamp? blog. The theme is "Half Circles." I've had a bug to make a card using paper doilies since seeing this awesome card on Sarah's Sarah's Paper Tray blog. Isn't hers a sweet card? I've been happy to see cards made with doilies on Sarah's and other blogs since I still have a stash from the last time they were in vogue.

About my not-so-simple simple card, I cut my doily in half and determined that the best way to adhere it to the patterned paper would be with a glue stick. Wrong. The patterned paper buckled. Of course, I didn't notice until the card was almost done, and while I tried, there was no fixing it. Instead, I made an attempt to rescue my butterfly. Wrong. It tore, and the whole thing went into the trash. Card #2 was perfect until I deemed that some Liquid Pearls would look nice on the butterfly's body and wings. Wrong. It looked like hell-o. Luckily, butterfly #2 was not quite as stuck to the paper as #1. Only a smidgen of paper came off with him, leaving a white patch that I was able to cover up with butterfly #3.

Were I so persistent in other areas of my life, I'd be rich and famous. LOL. That was quite an adventure for an OK card. Oh, and doily #2 was glued to the patterned paper with Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive carefully applied with a toothpick. Butterflies #1, 2, and 3 were stamped with VersaMark and chalked with Sorbet and Tulip.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Sorbet cardstock; Perfect Day paper packet; White doily from my stash; Sorbet and VersaMark ink pads; Basic Grey Ambrosia Bitsy Bohemia and Close To My Heart Say it in Style stamp sets; Kaiser Kraft pearl accents; Spring Soft Chalks.

While less frustrating than last night's card-making endeavors, it was a busy Monday. It was a sad day, too. Miranda's paternal grandfather died early this morning after having suffered a stroke last Wednesday. His funeral is Friday. With Dustin and Miranda's birthdays to celebrate this week, I was waiting to hear about the arrangements before attempting to make any kind of plans. There's no waiting until the weekend either, because Dustin, Miranda, and Cameron (a groomsman) are going to the Twin Cities for a friend's wedding on Saturday. Thinking about "available" time, our little celebration might just end up having to wait until next week or maybe Sunday evening when they get back from the wedding. At 29 and 27, I have a feeling my "baby" and his fiancée don't care as much as their mother does. LOL.

The only other news I have is that I have managed to catch yet another cold, which, so far, is manageable during the day and miserable at night. Enough about me. How was your day? I hope it was a good one and your week got off to a great start.

One last thing tonight, take a look at the Scrap My Scraps challenge on Erin's Inky Smiles blog. Participating was great fun. I'll let Erin tell the story ...


Sarah said...

I for one am glad there was no butterfly #4!!!
Your card is just fabulous and I am sorry it was such hard work.Though your description of the whole process had me cracking UP. You are a better crafter than I to keep at it ha ha.
I was very flattered to have you mention one of my cards on your blog! Thanks so much. My doily had a solid center, I think, so adhering it wasn't that hard.
I saw your work on Erin's blog and thought it was a fantastic idea! I loved looking at the cards you guys came up with. Very enjoyable post!
I am so sorry you have a cold! Hope you feel better soon.
I am also sorry to hear about Miranda's sad.

Sharli said...

Let me get up off the floor - - - your story about the "easy" card is SO funny! Because I can totally relate to you! I do like it, though - so maybe it was worth three tries??

I'm sorry for Miranda's loss. It sounds like a very busy week ahead. And another cold. bummer.

Liane said...

You sound like me, may the butterflies RIP. One, two, three.... why do we have days like that in crafting? LOL

Sorry about Miranda's g-pa, big bummer.

And I love the parts idea. Neat. I might have to try that with my team!

Deborah Young said...

1) The card is stunning - just breathtaking! The story is even better ;-)
2) Sad about the loss ;-(
3) Another cold - goodness gracious. You need to come visit me in Florida!

Alanna said...

Gorgeous card Kathi. Sorry it was so troublesome getting to your end product. Love the doilies as well.

I'm sorry about Miranda's grandpa. Not a fun time on a birthday week. Hopefully you all can still fit in a celebration.

And hopefully, your cold gets all better real quick.

Kim said...

Your card is beautiful! I love the look of doilies.
I am sorry to hear about Miranda's grandfather. Hope you feel better soon.

Laurel said...

This is so pretty! I love everything you have made lately. I miss my scraproom, haven't been in there since last week sometime and won't get in for a couple of days yet!

Jeanne said...

Well, I am glad you stuck with it! And with a cold, to boot. (Sorry you aren't feeling's the goofy weather, I tell you!) You have a very pretty card there. And you know you cannot go wrong with a butterfly. LOL

I'm very sorry to hear of Miranda's grandpa. I hope her memories of him will help ease the pain of the loss.

Good luck with the birthday planning. Ackkkk...I need to get hopping on Amy's b-day party plans!

Thanks for your kind words on the microphones. Actually the pattern DID also have one shown in black and gray, but the flower one was so much more fun!

Hope you have a good day and are able to kick that cold.

AaronB said...

I love the way you tell us about stuff-you are to funny!
Great card

Kariberry said...

OMG your card is beautiful!Never thought of doilies. I was on Google Reader {love, love that btw}
Sorry for the loss of Miranda's grandpa!
Hope you feel better quick!

Sparkle said...

Very pretty! That buttefly is gorgeous.