Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun

Here's a photo of that "Monster Truck Race" I was talking about the other day. As
you can see the trucks aren't very big, just little Monster truck replicas that they
have to push to make them go. With all the battery-powered stuff they have,
the concept of having to push something is a bit foreign. Grandpa is always pleased
whenever I buy something that doesn't require batteries. First, he prefers they
have to use their imaginations, and secondly, stuff with batteries makes noise. I
should say "extra" noise. These little guys make plenty of noise all on their own. LOL.
This is a Sand & Sea table from Little Tikes. Grandpa-approved. No batteries.
It's surprising how wet a couple of little boys can get with so little water.
Here we are on the grandpa-powered Slip N' Slide. While I think they would have
done fine on their own, Grandpa seemed to think he should give them a little push.
I sat down at the end and took photos and eventually wondered why
I was getting wet ... duh!
Mathias has learned to drive! Last year, he was hopeless behind the wheel. This
year, he's wheeling around like it's second nature.
Bjorn's looking pretty serious in this photo, which is kind of funny, because he's
usually got a big smile on this face. After this photo was taken, Grandpa and Daddy
set up an obstacle course for him. He had a ball. The kites flew today, too. It was a
good day. They left to go to their mom's about a half-hour ago but not before I had
my seven hugs and seven kisses. The good thing is, it won't be seven days before
we see them again. They will be here for supper on Tuesday night, and we're going
to take them to the county fair one night this week, too. I like it best when we don't get
the chance to miss them.


Sharli said...

See?!!?!? This is what I LOVE about your blog! It's full of love and family. Thanks for sharing, Kathi!

Sarah said...

Your boys are just gorgeous Kathi! You must be SO proud of them. What wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Leslie said...

Kathi, great family photos. Looks like a beautiful day all around. You mentioned changing your blog, but have you noticed when you open some blogs that it takes forever just for the page to load, not to mention the artwork posted on it. Sometimes I just give up and move on to the next blog if I am limited in time. I hope you don't change your blog, it opens easily. I was using that Cute Little Blog site, but when Blogger came out with the lighthouse I jumped on it. I hope it doesn't take people forever to open my blog.

Jeanne said...

What a fantastic summer fun post! I love seeing your boys having all the fun boys are supposed to have. LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing.

No worries on the blog looks or anything else. We come to see what you have been up to and what wonderful words of wisdom and wit you have to share!

Kariberry said...

What fun & How cute they are. Mine use to have trucks like that. Now it's scooters & skateboards. They are just learning to sb. It's not... "take me to the park mom"!.. It's... "take us to the Skate Park" Please!! Gosh they grow up so fast.

Did grandpa get wet?

BananaStamper said...

What fun photos Kathi, you must have had so much fun together. My poor parents - I have two boys who are four and seven, and we live 17 hours away from them! It is so hard on them. However, I truly believe it is all about quality not quantity, and we all make a concerted effort to ensure that the time they do spend together is quality! Cheers,