Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple Saturday

Weekend greetings from sunny Thief River Falls, Minnesota. That salutation makes the weather sound a little nicer than it really is. Our sunshine is intermittent. It's cloudy. It's windy, and the high today was 65 degrees. It seems almost inconceivable that the temperatures have exceeded 80 degrees only six times since June 1.

Here is my Simple Saturday offering. What you can't see is that I used textured cardstock, and there is a dot of Stickles in the center of each of the flowers. I colored the flowers first with a Hollyhock marker and then added a little Cranberry. I love the sentiment, which would be appropriate for either a wedding or anniversary card.

Materials & Tools: Black and White Daisy Textured cardstock; Black ink pad; Hollyhock and Cranberry markers; My Cute Stamps Ashley's Blossoms stamp set; X-mas Red Stickles.

I've had a busy day with very little time in my corner. Plenty of computer time though ... shopping ... and no, not for stamps and/or paper. Here is my outfit for the wedding, providing I like it in person and it fits. I had a little change of heart regarding the dress I picked out last fall, deciding that I don't want a long dress that I will never wear again. I also found three-piece suits, shirts, and ties for the little boys - so cute. I just need to see if their Daddy wants them in single- or double-breasted jackets. I so hope all of this works out, because I truly love shopping while sitting on my butt. Traipsing around from store to store - not so much.

That's it for my adventures today. Now, I'm off to my corner to unwind before bed. I hope your day was a good one, too. Catch ya again tomorrow!


Sarah said...

LOL you are a braver woman that I shopping for clothes on the internet ha ha.
I must say though the outfit you chose is just beautiful. Simple, understated but stunning!!! that I think about it just like your card!!!!
Your card is beautiful!

Alanna said...

This is so gorgeous Kathi. Very elegant.

I hope all your online shopping for clothing works out. How fun to shop on the computer.

Sharli said...


It's GORGEOUS! I hope it is perfect for you! I can imagine those little men all dressed up, too, and it makes me smile!

Your card is very pretty - I love the sentiment and can imagine the flowers with the stickle centers (photos never pick up the sparkle quite right, do they).

Laurel said...

You do simple so wonderfully! I envy you! My Saturday was not so simple, I did a very involved project. Although fun it was exhausting! LOL, hope to post it tomorrow!

Sparkle said...

This is so pretty!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful card, Kathi! I wish I had the knack for such wonderful simple cards. It's an art, I tell you! One has to have the knack and you, my friend, truly do!

The suit you have selected is gorgeous. I hope, hope, hope it fits the way you want it to! You are a braver woman than I to shop for clothes online.

I'm so sorry that the weather your way isn't being very summer-like. It's finally warming up this weekend and let's hope the warmth heads your way during the week!


Mary G. said...

Very pretty! Nice, clean and 'crisp'. Just beautiful!

Leslie said...

The card is beautiful. Lovely and elegant - Both the card and the dress.
The boys will be darling - don't tell them I said that though - grins. I can see double breasted as keeping them more "contained" than single.
As far as the weather goes, I would love some days like yours. It gets down to 75 after midnight and up to 97 during the day. Of course if I lived up there I'd probably have AC in my car. We are here 10 years and I have not had AC in my car for about 9.5 of those years.

Maricar said...

That brocade outfit is beautiful!

And the card is too! :)

Kariberry said...

I love this card! Simple but very beautiful!! I'm hoping to get in my Korner soon