Monday, September 14, 2009

No Time for Stampin'

Happy Monday! After my saga post yesterday, I thought I'd provide a little update and let you know I'm all together again - teeth and all! My "to do" list is getting shorter, too! After a couple of trips to the dental office and a few errands this morning, I even managed to work a half day.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Grand Forks after work to find some shoes to go with my dress and maybe a little clutch to hold my tissues. Wednesday night, I have to bowl. I also learned the boys will be with us Wednesday and Thursday nights, because their dad has to go to Minneapolis for training on Thursday. He won't be back until sometime on Friday - hopefully in time for rehearsal. Talk about timing, but as it's software training that's crucial to his job that he's been waiting on for close to a year, he's gotta go.

What little time I've had to stamp, I've been working on projects for the Sherrod Studio Sneak Peeks, which begin on Thursday. Whether I'm back between now and Thursday remains to be seen. Just wanted to let you know I won't be messing up that purty dress with a Jack O' Lantern smile. LOL. Hope your week is the best, cuz' YOU'RE the BEST! Later, friends ...


Sharli said...

Yay, I'm glad you got so much done today! Don't stress over us - we're waiting right here!

Alanna said...

I'm so glad that you were able to get your teeth fixed and cross off some other items on your to do list.

Good luck with all your other tasks this week.

Sarah said...

Yeahhh for the fixed tooth!
Have fun Kathi...see you soon.

Jeanne said...

Yay! It sounds like a satisfyingly productive day. Thanks for the heads up, although I would be surprised if you did blog because of all the things to do before 'the big day.'

Good luck finding shoes and a clutch.


Leslie said...

We are pulling for you. Have a great week. Hope you get some down time before the big day.