Sunday, April 11, 2010

It’s a Party

Birthday Invitation_Apr 2010

Hi! How has your weekend been? I’ve had a great weekend even though the hands on the clock seem to have to stepped it up, and I haven’t got everything done I hope to accomplish yet today.

This is as close to card making as I got today. The image is a digital from Bugaboo Stamps. Lucky for me, it was free last week. Love it! I colored this one with Prismacolor pencils. I’m going to try markers on the next one. Because time is of the essence, whichever one is faster and still looks good is going to be the winner. The wording was done on my computer using the Noodge font from Close To My Heart.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy and Holiday Red cardstock; Digital image from Bugaboo Stamps; Prismacolor colored pencils; Close To My Heart Expressives Noodge font; Computer; Printer.

The room I worked so feverishly on yesterday was my den where I spend about 90 percent of my waking time when I am home. Currently, the room is divided into two areas – one where my computer, television, futon, and books are located and the other, Kathi’s Corner. I worked on the computer side of the room, washing the walls and window and moving the futon, computer desk, file cabinet, bookcase, television, and the armoire that held the TV. That last piece, in fact, was moved out to make more room.

Paper StackLess perky (but not sore), I started on the dreaded “corner” today. The process there, I am afraid, is going to be a lot slower. I have a significant amount of purging to do. This week it is my goal to get my paper in order. Having been a CTMH consultant for nearly 12 years, I have accumulated a lot of paper. The last time I had a sale, I sold all my full sheets of discontinued Background & Texture paper. The scraps have occupied a big CTMH bag, which has been sitting in the corner of my closet. Until today, that is. The stack of paper in the photo is comprised of 5-1/2 inch “card-maker” squares. I’m hoping not to keep them but rather sell ‘em (cheap) in seasonal packages of 50 sheets. Anyone venture to guess how many squares of paper are in that stack? I gulped and discarded the paper that didn’t meet the size criteria.

Once Kathi’s Corner has been purged of its excess and everything is sorted out, I want to reconfigure the shelving and get my desk out of its claustrophobic corner.

For now, I’d better get my butt off the computer and back to the tasks at hand. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope your Sunday was the start to a wonderful week. Later…


mE said...

Dang, woman! That is a BOATLOAD of paper. If I had to be a guessing woman... I would guess that there are roughly 1500-2000 sheets of paper in that stack. I'm guessing based on the "thickness" of a ream of paper which has 500 sheets. THat is a LOT of paper to cut and sort, too!

I REALLY need to get rid of my old CTMH paper, too. Time for a sale, I guess. LOL!

I love the new, brighter look of your blog, too!

Laurel said...

Oh my how adorable!

Sharli said...

Gosh Kathi! That's a LOT of paper!!! LOL I bet people will grab it, though! I have a bit - but I do think you've got me beat.

The invitation is perfect - so cute! Don't you wish for just one more day in the weekend? I know I do!


Sparkle said...

What darling invites!

Jeanne said...

First off, I am SO proud of you (and happy for you) for tackling your den. I almost got tired just reading what all you accomplished. But that feeling of being tired was tempered with the knowledge that you must feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment! Wow! Keep chipping away at your corner and you will get it done!

Second, that invitation is absolutely darling! I love how you colored it and the font is perfect! Thanks for the link to that site. I can't wait to check it out more thoroughly.

Yay, Kathi! Hope you have an equally productive week at work!

Alanna said...

That is seriously the cutest invitation I've ever seen. Love the image and that font is so fun and cheerful.

Good luck with the purging. I've been doing a bit of that as well. Take care and have a great Monday.

Carolyn Christie said...

Cute birthday invite! OMG that is a lot of paper... I didn't know you were a CTMH Consultant that many years,{good for you} in that case, that's really Not a lot of paper. Buy more! LOL

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Sylvia said...

Adorable invitation.

Good luck purging your paper. I know when I re organized all my paper it seemed like it took forever.

Sheila H said...

The invitation is darling. Let us know about the paper sale :)

Mare said...

Being a consultant has it's disadvantages, I guess. :) I have no idea where to start to plurge my stash of B&T that has multiplied over the last 15 years.