Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just My Type_August 2010

I was in the mood for a CAS card tonight. Easy stamping. Easy coloring. Clean. Simple. While the card turned out that way, you should see my corner right now. The first thing I did was bump a container (small, luckily) of odorless mineral spirits . Splat. Upside down on the floor. As I was reaching down to pick up the container and access the damage, I bumped my box of Prismacolor pencils. Crash. They hit the floor – all four trays – all 120 pencils. A CAS card and a colossal mess. I guess I know how I will be spending the rest of the evening. LOL.

Materials & Tools: White Daisy Textured and Cranberry cardstock; Black ink pad; Fawn Lawn Just My Type and Just My Type, Too stamp sets; Red mini check ribbon from Wal-Mart; Prismacolor colored pencils; Gamsol odorless mineral spirits; Blending stumps.

A Slice of Life: Compared to what went on in my corner this evening, the rest of my day was relatively uneventful. Most of my workday was spent in a meeting, which means tomorrow I will be chained to my desk doing what came in today and hopefully, keeping up with whatever comes my way tomorrow. I am almost spooked by how fast time is flying these days. Yesterday, I received a meeting notice for the 19th and mentioned to a co-worker I thought it was strange that this particular meeting would be scheduled so far out. She reminded me the 19th is next week. Yikes. Excited about being a first-grader, little Bjorn is going to get his wish soon.

Nope. That mess in my corner isn’t going to get straightened up with me sitting here. I’d better go. I hope you day was a good one and that tomorrow is, too. Take care, friends, and thanks for stopping by.


Laurel said...

It is so cute!

Sylvia said...

I like the nice crisp look of the card. Don't envy you your clean up.

Sharli said...

Cute card - I thought of "one-ringy-dingy" when I saw the "old fashioned" phone!

I can almost see your corner . . . oh my!!! Glad the OMS bottle was small??

Better luck tomorrow, dear friend!

Deborah Young said...

tee hee. I understand the dropping, my friend. And you do CAS so well!

Reynna said...

What a darling card Kathi. I love that phone and the ding ding.

Sorry to hear about the mishap with the pencils. Hopefully it didn't take too long to clean up.

Sheila H said...

Your card is so sweet! I had to laugh at your mess - sounds like me!

Jeanne said...

What a great clean and simple card, Kathi! I'm sorry though, you ended up with a such a big mess to clean up after it though. Hopefully it didn't take too long. I thought of Lily Tomlin when I saw it. LOL

I'm glad that work is going well for you and can't wait to hear Bjorn's description of first grade when he starts.