Saturday, September 25, 2010

It was a Marathon

I never thought there would come a day when I would declare myself too old to stamp, but I am kind of feeling that way tonight. We arrived at the so-called stamp “retreat” in Grand Forks at 8:55 am. We finished at 5:35 pm. For each project – 12, 11 of which were cards – there was a table that seated four as well as tool (Cuttlebug, etc.), cutting, and glitter stations. All of the materials were provided and prepared. The rented facility was spacious and very nice. The food was awesome. Due to the varying levels of difficult and/or number of steps required for each project, there was some waiting time in the afternoon, which would have been OK had a few not become impatient and start removing things from the tables to work ahead in different locations. Very annoying. Anyway, the event was as organized an event of this magnitude could have been. For me and at least a couple of my friends (those in my age bracket), however, stamping began to feel more like work than leisure around 3 o’clock. In fact, it seemed a bit more like a marathon than a retreat. 

The card I am showing you was one of my favorites. The stamp set we used, Elements of Style, is one I have been admiringStampin' Up Retreat_Sept 2010 since it came out last spring. One other cool thing I will mention is the pre-embossed paper we sponged to create the background for this card. I love it, although the same effect could be accomplished with a stamp and clear embossing powder. I will keep a few of the other cards in reserve to show you on days when I don’t feel like stamping, which could be as soon as tomorrow. The day provided a plethora of neat ideas, and it was a lot of fun.

I guess that was my “Slice of Life” for today. How about your day? I hope it was a good one. I’ll “see” you again tomorrow, providing I’ve recovered from the marathon retreat. LOL. Take care, friends, and as always, thank you so much for stopping by.


Sharli said...

Hi Kathi! Oh, your card is very pretty! I was reading your post and sympathizing - I attended a workshop a couple of years ago that was so "frantic" that I needed a stiff drink afterwards! I was simply frazzled! It's not like I haven't done this stuff before!!!!

I guess we both prefer to work at our own pace. Whatever that might be.

I'm hoping you'll share more of the creations?!!


Sylvia said...

Beautiful card. I have been to a couple of Stampin'Up Workshops where people start grabbing things before your table is through with them. Very very annoying.

Jeanne said...

Wow, that is a huge number of cards for the time frame of the marathon, er...retreat! I would also be very annoyed if people started taking things off the table to work on the cards elsewhere. The card you shared is very pretty, and I hope you didn't have to rush to make it!

Hope to see more of your creations, soon! *Ü*

Alanna said...

THis is so gorgeous. Sorry the day ended up feeling like a marathon and a chore.

Barb said...

Your card is beautiful, Kathi! I am anxious to try that embossing paper.

And I know what you mean about these type of events. I declared at the last one I attended, that it would indeed be the last one I attended. I came home tired and bleary eyed. I had a lot of cards to show for it, but I didn't want to LOOK at cards for days after. This is supposed to be relaxing and I felt as if I were on an assembly line for Hallmark.