Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Wedding Card

Gracious Greetings_Sept 2010

Such efficiency… actually making a wedding card two days before I need it.  Now, if  only my photo had done it justice. Instead, it’s another one of those PIP (purtier in person) cards. LOL.

Using the big embossing folder Jeanne sent me to its full advantage, the card is a 5x7. I love it. While A2-size cards are well suited for most occasions, I like to make larger cards for weddings.  As you can see, the design is simple. The sentiment was embossed with gold detail powder, and I was lucky enough to find the perfect button to add a special finishing touch.

Materials & Tools: Colonial White and Chocolate cardstock; VersaMark ink pad; Gold detail embossing powder; Gracious Greetings stamp set; Brown satin ribbon from Wal-Mart; Gold button from my stash; Cuttlebug w/Kassie’s Brocade 5x7-inch embossing folder; Embossing heat tool.

A Slice of Life: Bowling was fun last night, and I am happy to report I did not exactly bowl like a rock star. As averages are established on the first night, bowling better than you usually do is not a good thing. Been there. Done that. This year, however, I start new the season with a respectable average that isn’t so high I have worry about achieving it each week. I can simply relax and have fun, which, for me, is the idea behind the activity.

Work today was not particularly fun. Working through my lunch hour, I spent seven hours editing a micro site, which is set to go live tomorrow. The PIP acronym above was the result of a day of acronyms. Electronic engineers, I believe, must speak in acronyms.  They make up words, too – words that are not in the dictionary, but if they are “Googled” show up on a datasheet or press release from some electronics firm. I spend a lot of time looking up words and acronyms to determine if they are real or simply someone’s attempt to mutilate the English language. Had fate been a little kinder, I would have worked for the distributor of stamps and craft products instead of the electronic components about which I admittedly know nothing more than I want to after seven years. LOL.

Ah, relief is in sight. Tomorrow is Friday! We have a wedding and reception to attend on Saturday and young guests (guess who) staying with us on Sunday night.

Are you having a nice week? I hope so. I’ll sign off with a wish that your Friday is a good one. Take care.


Sharli said...

A beautiful card! I always take a deep sigh of relief when I have it ready before the deadline!

I know what you mean about acronyms the place and business where I work also uses WAY to many of them. The last time my hard-drive crashed at work, it took me nearly a year to teach the spell-checker my secret language! LOL

Have a wonderful Friday, dear friend.


Marie said...

Simply beautiful!
And your first sentence made me laugh out loud!

Alanna said...

Your card is gorgeous and allows all that embossing to shine. I love the bow and the button as well.

I liked your comment about if fate were kinder to you. I often think that I should get out of public accounting and go be a CFO for Provo Craft or something like that. :)

mE said...

GORGEOUS! I love embossed cards.. they are simply elegant! (And very difficult to photograph.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sheila H said...

What a truly gorgeous card!

Jeanne said...

What a beautiful wedding card, Kathi and I'm tickled pink that my final selection of folder has worked so well for you! *Ü*

I'm glad you didn't do "too well" at bowling. I remember that my team always liked me for my handicap! Takes the pressure off, too.

Got a giggle over your comment about electronic engineers and Sharli's about re-teaching the language to her computer.

Have a lovely weekend!