Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mostly Sunny

The weather forecast for today was a bit off. It was beautiful, beginning and ending a "blue sky day." The temperature is currently 48 degrees, a regular heat wave but not warm enough for the short shorts I noted a young woman wearing on the drive home from work. She was all tan, too, something that did not occur naturally in Minnesota.

My cards are a sneak peak at the June Stamp of the Month, With Love. It's a fun set that I just had to try. There's nothing to fancy going on here in the way of design - just a couple of simple, fun cards.

Materials & Tools (top card): Colonial White, Petal, and Buttercup cardstock; Paper Garden paper packet; Buttercup, Petal, and Sweet Leaf ink pads; With Love June SOTM set, Twill ribbon; Circle punches; Corner rounder; Smokey Plum Bigger Brads.

Materials & Tools (bottom card): White Daisy, Cranberry, and Black cardstock; Black and Cranberry ink pads; With Love June SOTM set; Red 1/8-inch grosgrain ribbon from Wal-Mart.

A little sunshine made this a much better day. It's funny how much the weather has to do with one's attitude. It's not, however, like I sit and look out a window all day. My desk at work is located within the bowels of a 600,000 square foot building that has very few windows, just a few sky lights here and there none of which are anywhere near where I am located.

I did head outside on my breaks and basked in the sun like an old cat. I came home to find a UPS package, a replacement for a badly damaged package that arrived last week and had to be sent back. UPS and I are not on good terms right now. They've lost another package, and to top it off, I shipped my sister's camera (that I inadvertently brought home with me from the baby shower) back a couple of days ago to the tune of $16.85. It had to go 46 miles. I almost choked when the guy gave me the total, and I think I was maybe a bit sarcastic when in asked, "So, is it going to get there tomorrow?" I never thought it I would say this, but it's looking like USPS flat rate Priority Mail is the way to go these days. At least, they don't double the cost with "surcharges." There. I've done my complaining for the day.

Marv started his cardiac rehab yesterday and came home with some information. The most expensive drug he's taking is an anti-rejection drug that he shouldn't have to take forever. What he feels in his chest that he didn't feel before is one of the stents. One is much larger than the other two. It's something he'll have to get used to. He's currently restricted to lifting 10 pounds and will work his way up to 50 pounds, which will be the maximum. No more carrying me over the threshold. Guess he won't be able to toss me out either. He's lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks, too, and needs to lose about 30 more. I don't think that will be too difficult considering what we're eating these days.

Man, I'm jabbery tonight, probably because I was so engrossed in my work today that I didn't say "boo" to anyone. For now, I'm off to do a few domestic things before turning in early. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back tomorrow . . . as in Friday!!


Barb said...

I visit your blog everyday to see what you've come up with and you never disappoint! I am lovin' that black and white, with a dash of color! So classy and stunning! I need to get busy...your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Looks like that June SOTM is quite versatile! Love what you've come up with. I agree good weather equates to good mood for me. Yesterday we had rain, snow, AND sunshine. Sometimes all at the same time (seriously)!

I love all the projects you come up with!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these! You've been very busy. So much inspiration.

Debbie Olson said...

These are lovely--especially the drama of the black and white with a dash of red!