Friday, August 31, 2007

UPS Came . . . Sorta . . .

My stamp club order was scheduled to be delivered today, and I was surprised when I came home and the order wasn't here. Usually they come around 11 a.m. and while Marv wasn't home this morning, there was no note on the door stating that they'd attempted to deliver. According to UPS tracking information, the package was out for delivery at 4:30. OK. However, I didn't think it should still be out for delivery at 6. When I checked again at 6:30, I saw the dreaded word "exception" when I pulled up the tracking information and instantly knew that more than likely the package was damaged. Sure enough, I sent Cameron out to UPS, and he returned with an open box and instructions to return it if anything was damaged or missing. One of the corners of the box had given way due to the weight, and the contents probably ended up on the floor of the truck. Nothing was damaged. Two $3.95 sets of eyelets were missing. It didn't take a lot of thought to realize that it wouldn't be worth sending the entire order back to UPS to send back to CTMH and then wait for it to be shipped back for $7.90 in merchandise. I'd rather eat the cost than go through that ordeal. Instead, I'll photograph the box and give CTMH a little grief for using a box that doesn't support 23 pounds. Hopefully, Zona isn't desperate for her eyelets. The moral to my little story? Our "exceptional" stamps, paper and other fun stuff arrived with a little exception, and all's well that end's well!

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