Tuesday, September 18, 2007

As Long as I Had the Bleach Out Anyway . . .

Did you know that if you can make an ink smudge disappear with a little bleach? I had just finished a card and lo and behold, what should appear? A nasty, albeit small, ink smudge in an all too noticable spot. I was ready to start over when I made a dash for the utility closet instead to grab the bleach bottle. With a tiny bit of bleach on the end of a cotton swab, I carefully dabbed at my smudge, and presto! It slowly disappeared from sight. While it doesn't work every time, it's always worth a try. One instance where I've found it doesn't work is if the smudge is in area that you're going to stamp over again, because your ink just keeps disappearing.

Anyway, as long as the bleach was at my stamp table, I decided to make a card. Recently, I received several packages of Stampin' Up paper as a gift, including a combo pack of beautiful harvest colors. The first thing I thought of when I saw them was "Bleach!," as CTMH's cardstocks do not respond to bleach. The card is simple - all I'm capable of at this time of night. The ribbon is from CTMH's Autumn Terracotta Designer Ribbon Rounds, and it's held with one of my favorite new accessories - the Edge Anchors, which appear on page 96 of CTMH's fall/winter catalog.

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