Monday, September 3, 2007

Buttons Without Bulk

Having become caught up in the blog world, I don't know who to credit for this cool idea, or I would. I'm going to share it anyway. I love buttons on cards and scrapbook pages. However, they're bulky, and a card with buttons on it either needs to be hand canceled, or there's a good chance that the buttons will be crushed in the cancelling machine. The "buttons" in the photo were made using the new Circle Window Charms and a 1/8-inch hole punch. You just place the self-stick charm on your paper, punch a couple of holes and then cut around it. I did make a little template for hole placement by quartering a piece of copy paper, but it might not have been necessary. Also, the person who provided me with the idea had used a 1/16th-inch punch. I tried that first, but deemed the holes a bit small for my taste. Maybe the Window Charm she was working with was smaller than the one I was using. A four-hole button could be created as easily as a two-holer, although I would definitely make a template for that one. Bulk aside, another cool thing about these "buttons" is their matchability (a word??) whether you're using patterned papers or cardstock. The Circle Window Charms, by the way, come in a package of 42 with eight 1-3/4 inch pieces, 16 1-1/4 inch pieces and 18 3/4-inch charms.

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Marie said...

Oh my gosh this is the find of the century! Now I can have buttons on the cards I send through the mail!