Monday, September 3, 2007

Paper Piercing

I can tell I'm not going to clear the clutter from my stamp desk tonight. Every time I go over there, I see something and get distracted. Attempting to put away my piercing tool was all it took this time. If you haven't noticed, paper piercing is currently popular. I've found a couple of Web sites that offer some very intricate stencils for just that purpose. However, it wasn't fancy designs that interested me. Rather, I wanted something simple that would line up what looks like a straight stitch. What got me going on the whole thing was Stampin' Up's Crafter's Tool Kit, which includes a paper-piercing template and pad and several other tools that I already have and for which I don't want duplicates. Someone once said that necessity is the mother of invention. For me, the light bulb went off when I was using my trusty piece of plastic canvas to figure out where I should place an eyelet or brad. I saw those little squares all lined up and realized that if I poked my piercing hole through the same corner in each little square, I'd accomplish a straight line. I've seen some pierced corner designs, too. The photo includes an example. With regard to a piercing pad, I used one of the pieces of foam that comes with CTMH's stamp sets. A piece of Fun Foam or even a mouse pad would work, too, and offer more protection, which you would want if you're doing your piercing on a fine piece of furniture. Like I said, I like the sewn look but have not yet considered using a sewing machine on my cards or scrapbook pages. The biggest reason is that I'm working in tight quarters and besides, getting my sewing machine out and finding thread to match my paper, etc. sounds like more work than it's worth. It's supposed to be relaxing and fun . . . One more thing, plastic canvas can be purchased anywhere craft supplies are sold. It's cheap, too!

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