Saturday, September 1, 2007

Distressing Kit

How cool is this? This is Close To My Heart's new Distressing Kit, a cute box (about the size of a short loaf of bread) filled with tools for distressing cards and scrapbook layouts. I haven't had the chance to play with it yet and have to admit that I don't necessarily know how to use all the tools. Like everything else, I can imagine some of the distressing techniques will require some practice. I have a feeling, too, I will continue to use my hardware store sanding blocks, as at this point, I cannot fathom using sanding paper so pretty! It is intended to be used, however, and replaced when it's worn out. While all of the tools can be purchased separately, it's nice to have a box to keep them in, and the box doesn't add more than a couple dollars to the cost. Back to the tools, I'm most intrigued with the paint. I have seen some cool things done with paint mixed with reinkers. I dabbled with it a little bit last year when I mixed Crystal Blue inker with white paint to paint some chipboard letters for a scrapbook page. It worked like a charm. Whether all my distressing techniques work out so well remains to be seen. Like I said, I think a little practice will be required. Forthcoming posts will tell the story. . .

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